1. Rhodium price on 24/11/15 £15.834 per GM
  2. Gold Price Lost $2.10 and Closed on the Comex at $1,104.40
  3. Gold Price Gained $2.90 or 0.3 Percent to $1,083.70
  4. Gold Price Regained $7.50 Today to Close at $1,074.30
  5. Gold Price Lost $3.30 Ending the Day at $1,163.30
  6. Gold Price Closed Above it's 200 Day Moving Average at $1,178
  7. Silver and Gold Prices Remain in Uptrends from the Summer Lows
  8. Price of Gold Fell $10.40 or 0.9 Percent Today Closing at $1,167.60
  9. Gold price on 24/11/15 (PM) £22.954 per GM
  10. Gold Price Lost $15.00 Today Closing at $1,068.70
  11. The Low for Silver and Gold Prices Lies in November
  12. Silver price on 24/11/15 £300.288 per KG
  13. Gold Price Rose $3.70 Closing at $1,167.00
  14. Gold Price Rose 10 Cents today Closing on the Comex at $1,068.80
  15. Price of Gold Added Another 30 Cents Closing at $1,088.20
  16. Gold Price Scraped Off $1.60 to Close at $1,076.40
  17. Silver and Gold Prices had a Disastrous Week with the Gold Price Plunging $53.90 or 4.7 Percent to Close at $1,087.60
  18. Price of Gold Dropped $9.60 or 0.89 Percent Today Closing at $1,066.80
  19. Gold Price October Gains Were Finally Erased Today Closing Down $29.90 at $1,147.20
  20. Palladium price on 23/11/15 £11.622 per GM
  21. The Gold Price Closed Down $3.90 at $1,080.80
  22. Gold Price Lost 20 cents or 0.02 Percent Today Closing at $1,166.80
  23. Gold Price Lost $5.70 or 0.5 Percent to $1,135.80
  24. Ruthenium price on 24/11/15 £0.9 per GM
  25. If Silver and Gold Prices Don't Turn Up Soon This Could Become Very Ugly
  26. Silver and Gold Prices Both Made New Lows for the Move, But Not by Much
  27. Price of Gold Closed $10.30 or 0.88 Percent Higher Today at $1,177.10
  28. Price of Gold Rose $9.20 or 0.86 Percent Today Closing at $1,078
  29. Gold Price Closed Up 30 Cents Today at $1,087.90
  30. Platinum price on 23/11/15 £17.963 per GM
  31. Gold price on 24/11/15 (AM) £22.816 per GM
  32. Iridium price on 24/11/15 £11.124 per GM
  33. Gold Price Lost $7.70 or 0.7 Percent to Close at $1,106.50
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    The World Diamond Council (WDC) president, Edward Asscher, has outlined both considerable progress and significant challenges ahead for the diamond industry during the plenary meeting of the Kimberley Process, the United Nations-mandated forum to control the trade in rough diamonds.

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