1. Shop prices fall by 2.9% in September
  2. Gold Price Fell $4.90 or 0.44 Percent to Close at $1,102.80
  3. Silver and Gold Prices Shot Up After the FMOC Annoucement
  4. Gold Price Leapt $16.40 or 1.5 Percent Closing Above its 50 Day Moving Average at $1,119.20
  5. Silver and Gold Prices Rose with the Gold Price Closing at $1,109.50
  6. Price of Gold Fell $14.00 or 1.22 Percent Ending the Day at $1,132.00
  7. Carat* London toasts new London boutique in Burlington Arcade
  8. EXCLUSIVE: Jewellery & Watch launches Buyers Power List in association with Pandora
  9. Next Week Promises to Be a Wild One for Silver and Gold Prices
  10. Seiko named 'Watch Brand of the Year'
  11. Gold Price Shot up $22.20 or 1.98 Percent to $1,153.80
  12. Gold Price Closed Unchanged at $1,120.60
  13. Gold Price Rose $20.80 or 1.86 Percent Closing at $1,138.10
  14. IN PICS: Gucci presents new collection and ad campaign
  15. Gold price on 09/10/15 (AM) £24.081 per GM
  16. Silver price on 09/10/15 £335.107 per KG
  17. Industry urged to be vigilant following London jewellery theft
  18. Palladium price on 08/10/15 £14.612 per GM
  19. Fellows holds largest ever Blue John auction
  20. Gemfields reports 2015 financial results
  21. NAJ Awards open for online votes
  22. WFDB comments on synthetic diamond trading ban
  23. UK Jewellery Conference: Delegates praise keynote speaker
  24. Raymond Weil names new ambassador
  25. Scarborough Time Centre cements growth with Bransom system
  26. Price of Gold Broke Support Around $1,125 and Tumbled $11.60 Closing at $1,115.50
  27. Gold Price Leapt 2 Percent to $1,137.00 While Silver Gained 5.2 Percent to $15.26
  28. Gold Price Backed Off $4.30 or 0.3 Percent on the Comex to Close $1,144.70
  29. IWC Schaffhausen partners with BFI for fundraising gala
  30. Silver Price is Loose and Out of Her Cage and Raging!
  31. Gold Price Dropped $8.10 or 0.7% Today to Close Comex at $1,125.00
  32. Continental Jewellery unveils new trade website
  33. UK Jewellery Conference: CMJ to launch consumer-facing website
  34. Rhodium price on 09/10/15 £15.673 per GM
  35. Gold Price Lost $6.00 or 0.54 Percent Ending the Week at $1,103.50
  36. Thomas Sabo key account manager Daniel Rhodes passes away
  37. Gold Price Rose $4.20 or 1.1 Percent to $1,107.70
  38. Gold Price Climbed $6.60 Today Closing at $1,131.60
  39. Iridium price on 09/10/15 £10.947 per GM
  40. Swarovski to sponsor festive ice rink
  41. Platinum price on 08/10/15 £19.665 per GM
  42. SalonQP announces sponsors for 2015 event
  43. Wongs and Brown & Newirth win CMJ member awards
  44. Price of Gold Lost $0.20 Today Closing at $1,120.40
  45. UK Jewellery Conference: Poll results
  46. Gold Price Lost 1.62 Percent Today Closing at $1,102.20
  47. Gold price on 09/10/15 (PM) £24.159 per GM
  48. Fei Liu to host fundraiser at School of Jewellery
  49. Gold Price Sank $4.90 or 0.4 Percent Closing at $1,127.10
  50. Catherine Jones of Cambridge to host Remembrance dinner
  51. BREAKING NEWS: Hatton Garden thief offers to reveal location of stolen goods
  52. CMJ Jewellery Business Conference gets underway
  53. CMJ retailers and suppliers upbeat about trade in 2015
  54. Gold Price Closed Up $1.00 at $1,138.10
  55. Timex launches IQ Yacht Racer collection
  56. IN PICS: Lumbers opens doors on new boutique
  57. Time To Buy Silver and Gold, The Long Winter of Correction Has Passed
  58. Ruthenium price on 09/10/15 £0.884 per GM
  59. Price of Gold Fell $5.00 Closing at $1,133.10
  60. The Gold Price Rose $2.20 or 0.19 Percent Today Closing at $1,149.00
  61. Gold Price Traded in an $8.50 Range Today Closing Down $1.30 at $1,114.20
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The Association has been formed through the unification of the BJA and N.A.G. and now represents over 2,000 members whose businesses operate in every aspect of the jewellery industry.



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  1. Augustine Jewels shortlisted for Designer of the Year 2015

    Augustine Jewels is a Luxury British Jewelry Brand now sold globally. Founded in 2013 by Alexandra Robson, it focuses on making exquisitely crafted pieces at their workshops in London.

  2. Clogau team up with Lightworks to create interactive digital images.

    Lightworks have provided Clogau with 360° animated turntables of their best selling jewellery with the goal of increasing their online conversion rate.

  3. Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

    From January 2016, the European Commission will set up an online platform (the ODR platform).

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  1. Itrinsic - Touring Jewellery Exhibition

    5 September - 17 October 2015

  2. Handmade at Kews

    8 - 11 October 2015

  3. Jewellery Trade Show Secrets Seminar: London

    9 November 2015

    78a Luke Street London EC2A 4XG

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