Web Predictions 2019: Making the most of your website

6 September 2018

The way in which consumers interact with brands is changing. The customer journey is filled with a variety of touch points and businesses need to ensure their online presence is in-line with customers’ expectations.

Here’s what you need to consider:

Voice Search - 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020

Voice search is when users use their voice to perform a search using a phone or home assistance such as Amazon Echo. Voice search uses speech recognition to answer a query, and then tries to find an online match. When performing a voice search on a mobile phone, it will usually direct the user to a web page whilst home devices, such as desktops will read out the information.

What can I do to ensure my website is optimised for voice search?

  • Make sure that your content is easy to read and comprehend by writing more content based around answering questions
  • Review your key words to ensure they include conversational speak
  • Create a FAQ page on your website
  • Check the speed of your website – a high speed internet connection works best for a fast voice response

Influencer Marketing – 19% of consumer purchase decisions are influenced by Facebook

Influencer marketing is based on collaborating with influential people to in-directly target your audience. Influencers are people that influence opinion and purchasing behaviour.

What do I need to do to practise Influencer Marketing?

  • Firstly, it’s best practice to come up with an ‘Influencer Persona’, what would your ideal influencer look like? What is their personality? Which social media platform are they most active on?
  • Use KPI’s and objectives with each of your influencer campaigns
  • Make sure you submit regular press releases to thought leaders such as the NAJ
  • Make yourself known to the appropriate journalists –This isn’t just about your products or services it’s about content that you can provide. For example, can you provide expert content on trends or different types of gemstones?
  • Use bloggers, Katerina Perez was the winner of IJL’s UK Social Influencer category at its 2018 blog awards
  • Could a collaboration with a celebrity form part of your strategy? Check out jewellery designer, Katie Mullally who recently collaborated with Irish Celebrity, Vogue Williams: view the article
  • If you need more help with Influencer Marketing, why not sign up to the NAJ’s free mentoring scheme

Multi Device Marketing – 40% of online transactions involve multiple devices along the way

As we know consumers are using a variety of devices before, during and after they complete their purchase. Initial searches are often performed on a mobile however most purchases still take place on a tablet or pc. You need to ensure your website is effective on mobile and desktop. Your website needs to be responsive, have content that is easy to digest, and it should load quickly.

Increased Personalisation – By 2019, 90% of brands will practice at least one form of marketing personalisation

Consumers are now demanding a personalised experience. Personalisation will only improve your bounce rates and increase your opening rates if you talk to customers about what they’re interested in. You need to ensure your online adverts are specifically targeted to your audience.

Also pay attention to your analytics to understand when customers read your emails and set campaigns within Google Analytics. To personalise you will need to collect data on your customers and segment them based on their needs and purchasing behaviour. Of course, it is always crucial to obtain consent for all personal data you collect and store.

Video – studies expect video to account for a whopping 85% of total internet traffic by 2019

Consumers are watching more and reading less. Videos can bring a brand and product to life. From live videos at your events, to videos of your products being made. Good quality video is no longer expensive to produce as you can do it yourself!

The NAJ will be teaming up with the Make Your Own Video Training Academy to provide bespoke training to businesses in the jewellery trade. This one-day video workshop will teach you essential skills in shooting and editing a short video with just a smartphone or tablet. The date of the course is yet to be announced but you can register your interest by emailing maddy.richards@naj.co.uk

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