Luxury Packaging Awards – Jeweller & Accessories Pack

11 October 2018

Wongs Jewellers had a brief to transform their jewellery packaging with a brand-led, contemporary collection that looked and felt luxurious, and offered the perfect balance between understated style, memorable theatre and exceptional functionality. As with Talbots, Wongs has a rich jewellery trade heritage and is a fast-growing business with a passion for luxury, design and innovation. Therefore, the synergy between Talbots, a trend-led, brand-focused premium packaging partner and a jewellery brand famed for its recognisable identity, was perfect. 

Talbots finds that clients want something more for those potentially once in a lifetime gift-giving events. They look for packaging designs that are unique, represent their brand and capture the essence of a specific occasion or audience. For example, our Wongs boxes and bags are perfect for a high end jewellery medley or a surprise and delight gift to a prestigious client. 
Talbots first scrutinised product and price points and considered the strategic direction of Wongs before proceeding to design, material selection, sampling and delivery. We developed a concept featuring soft-touch boxes and complementary gift bags in two versatile sizes.
We chose our brand new Coco soft-touch box and signature Luxury Bag as a base, both in our modern Graphite Grey colourway. This is perfect for retaining a sophisticated and timeless look whilst channelling a contemporary, understated aesthetic. The Wongs logo embellishes the boxes and bags, featuring a gold foil accent for a stylish pop of metallic and against a matte, neutral palette.  
Coco, with its wrap-around sophisticated grosgrain ribbon, moulded and soft-touch coated outer sleeve and hinged box with universal insert, guides the recipient through a theatrical, anticipatory unboxing experience of gently untying ribbons, smoothly sliding away and sleeve and finally lifting the lid. Introducing these beautifully choreographed steps slows down unboxing, and encourages recipients to savour the moment – making for unforgettable memories, inspired and enhanced by truly innovative and aesthetically brilliant luxury packaging. 
This is further enhanced with unique box ribbons which transform packaging expectations and set the scene for something truly special. Box ribbons, as with the corresponding bag, are made from a premium grosgrain material and are a fawn-gold shade to create an air of opulence. Boxes feature a luxurious cream velvet-suede interior with either a universal insert or classic ring roll.
The bespoke bag’s innovation features include a Japanese origami fold base, which offers maximum functionality by ensuring the bag retains an aesthetically pleasing shape when held or stood upright, and invisible handles, which eliminate unsightly joins for a high-quality look. As for design, a repeating gold statement print to the interior taps into key design trends and makes for a stunning contrast against the cool-toned soft-touch grey exterior. 
Wongs’ packaging has an unmistakable presence and creates an unforgettable, brand-led experience with intervals, drama and calls of appeal to the senses – whether these be touch from tactile grosgrain ribbons, sight from a pop of metallic gold pattern, or sound from the premium deep “snap” of a high quality box being closed. 
Luxury Packaging Awards – Jeweller & Accessories Pack

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