WB & Domino invest in Debeers Diamond Detection Tech to Safegurd customers

5 September 2018

Weston Beamor and Domino continues to invest in technology and training in order to deliver customer service excellence, this month taking receipt of innovative diamond testing equipment, designed and manufactured by De Beer’s Technical division, IIDGR. The new SYNTHDetect is suitable for testing colourless stones with no lower size limit, with a range of attachments that allow the Weston Beamor and Domino teams to test loose stones, rings, bangles, brooches and necklaces.

The investment was made following significant increases in requests for bespoke jewellery, which has also been a driving force for recent changes and additions to the WB CAD and 3D teams.

Commenting on the SYNTHDetect, Operations Director Mark Thomas, said: “This is a really excellent piece of kit. We now have the ability to test stones supplied by customers and provide the reassurance that the stones are as expected – whether natural or lab grown. With the rise of manufactured stones, we wanted to be able to provide our customers with that reassurance. We spent a long time researching the market and as you’d expect there are several options out there. Having visited DeBeers Research facility and discussed the latest developments in technology, we chose the SYNTHDetect because of its accuracy. We were also aware that our customers know and trust the De Beers name, as do we.”

Sales Director Andrew Sollitt said: “This is further investment in our internal infrastructure that gives ourselves and our customers assurance and confidence in what they purchase.”

The WB team took receipt of the SYNTHDetect in the week before IJL and will be rolling out the service throughout September. The equipment was designed by IIDGR specifically for set jewellery and can also be used for loose stones. SYNTHDetect uses the principle of time-resolved photoluminescence, with images viewed on a high-resolution touch screen.

Jonathan Kendall, President of IIDGR, said: “SYNTHDetect is a really exciting synthetic detection tool because it is the most accurate and efficient way to test finished jewellery. It’s particularly exciting because it incorporates a totally new way of detecting synthetics, by detecting all-natural diamonds. So, if a stone in a piece of jewellery does not display the correct natural attributes, it is highlighted immediately.”

Business manager Ed Hole, added: “This is a fantastic investment for both WB and our customers. Not only can we carry out our own internal audits, we can now provide customers with confidence that the stones that they have sourced for themselves are exactly what they thought they were. I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to make this significant investment that will so directly and positively benefit our customers.”

For more information on the SYNTHDetect, visit www.iidgr.com/innovation/synthdetect

WB & Domino invest in Debeers Diamond Detection Tech to Safegurd customers

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