Cyber Security Advice from T H March

16 May 2017

 As the recent Ransomware cyber-attack continues to cause havoc for the NHS don’t make the mistake of thinking that your business is too small to be targeted.

No organisation is 100% safe so take some positive action NOW to maximise protection for your business. Don’t fall victim to cyber-criminals!

Ransomware and Extortionware attacks are the newest form of theft and we are ALL vulnerable. 

Imagine this scenario: You arrive at work on Monday morning and find that your system is encrypted. Naturally you will want it back up and running ASAP because you’re losing valuable web traffic, customers, sales and profit! Even if your business isn’t web-based you may still be vulnerable and your ability to trade could be affected.

Your initial shocked reaction may be to pay the demand just to be back up and running faster. Don’t do it! Giving in to the hackers demands will result in your business being put on a ‘soft target’ list.

Purchase a Cyber policy through T H March and if the worst ever happens you will be able to access IT specialists for help. Here are some useful measures you can take now…

Cyber Training Overview & Best Practices

Cyber Liability Insurance

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