Innovative Support Network Will Allow Millennials in Jewellery Industry to Shine

19 April 2017

The National Association of Jewellers has established a new Millennials steering group consisting of young professionals to inspire and support fellow millennials in the jewellery industry. The group are now looking to create the first event with the help of enthusiastic businesses and individuals.

The brainchild of diamond dealer Danielle Chib, the Steering Group comes under the wing of the National Association of Jewellers and is aiming to provide a network of advice and guidance for millennials, allowing them to progress in the profession while sharing ideas and examples of best practice.

Michael Rawlinson, CEO of the NAJ has commented; “Millennials are not the future of our industry they are at the very heart of our industry today!  This is why it is so important for the NAJ to start, nurture and encourage this group, and I will be supporting the steering group so that the group can reach its full potential.  Even after only one meeting, I can see the potential that can be realised; both for the millennials that will be attracted to join and participate in the activities, but also for businesses who will want to use the group to find out how millennials tick, how to reach them and how to sell to them. 

I'm also sure we will find many millennials who will want to become ambassadors for the jewellery industry helping us to engage with children and young people who might be interested in a career in our sector, and perhaps a future Chairman of the association?”

As part of its plans, the committee hopes to bring together a wide range of industry professionals and key influencers, creating a network where millennials can access advice, support, and guidance as they embark on a career in one of the most exciting and progressive of the creative industries.

Sitting on the steering group are business owner and gemmologist Anna Dighton, retail assistant managers Britni-May Edwards and Millie Knight, head of retail Raphael Simmons, and business owner James Veale.

The steering group is focused on celebrating the modern techniques and developments in the industry, while acknowledging the importance of heritage, traditional methods and ways of thinking that have laid the foundations for the trade.

Danielle Chib said: “Millennials of the jewellery industry need a forum to meet each other and a platform from which they can share their ideas and bring a sense of youthfulness into the industry. The focus will begin with the development of the London group; however, the amount of interest that was expressed by millennials up and down the country was incredible, so we expend to hold regional events before too long”

The steering group will be engaging with a cross section of millennials – those born between 1980-1999 - who represent all aspects of the industry.  The steering group are particularly keen to hear from businesses who would like to help sponsor the inaugural event.

To hear more about the aims and objectives of the steering group and their ideas for the future, or how you might be able to support them, please contact Danielle Chib via email at


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