NAJ & Gem-A Sri Lanka trip

6 November 2017

A Successful Trip to Sri Lanka

“This trip gave everyone the opportunity to follow the gemstone journey from Mine to polished stones with a lot of exciting cutting, identification testing, trading and haggling in-between! Everyone said they learnt lots and enjoyed the unique experience we enhanced with cultural highlights from this beautiful country.” Lindsey Straughton, NAJ Industry Ambassador

“An outstanding trip! From a work point of view I have gained a huge amount of valuable experience and have seen and experienced things that I would never normally have had the chance to do. As a retailer it has really made me think about where my stock comes from and the process it goes through before it gets into my shop window”. Sophie Guess, L.Guess Jewellers

“Huge credit and a big thank you go to Hosts Colin & Hilary Winter who have so many useful contacts there and without them this trip would not have happened, also to Lindsey from the NAJ who played a vital role both in Birmingham and on the trip and not forgetting Charles from Gem- A who has such a wide knowledge on Gem stones” David Rowe, Gordon Rowe Jewellers

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