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Consumer Complaints

Shopping with a member of The National Association of Jewellers means that you are in the trustworthy hands of trained professionals in the jewellery industry. Association members are committed to our Code of Practice which encourages and upholds best practice when dealing with their customers.

Buying a piece of jewellery should be an enjoyable experience and often leads to a long term relationship between the consumer and jeweller. However, from time to time, there are questions or problems that arise. In this event we want to assure consumers that our members will provide a thorough and professional approach to bring any issue to a satisfactory conclusion. If a problem has arisen with your purchase:

  • Contact the Member directly as soon as you have a problem – don’t delay. Explain the problem calmly and in as much detail as possible.
  • Allow sufficient time for the member to look into the problem and get back to you. The staff you spoke to may need to contact head office or obtain a second opinion.
  • If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint has been handled, write a letter to the appropriate person within the business such as the store manager.

If, after the member has received your letter, the problem is still not resolved to your satisfaction you can then lodge a complaint in writing or email with the Association. You can also telephone for advice but if we are to take the matter further on your behalf, you will need to submit the details by completing the short complaints form, which can be found here. The Association is able to provide an impartial Mediation Service in order to assist both parties in finding a way forward. This service is provided at the sole discretion of the Association.

If you have a complaint with a jeweller who is not a member, you will need to contact trading standards.


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