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Professional Jewellers’ Diploma

Who is this course for?

Students wanting deeper knowledge of the industry after completing the Professional Jewellers’ Certificate

Entry Requirements

Successful completion of the Professional Jewellers’ Certificate

Enrolment Period

Year round

Course Duration

Maximum 12 months


One written assignment for each of the seven optional modules followed by an in-depth research project.


Professional Jewellers’ Diploma. Graduates applying for alumni status* may use the initials P.J. Dip. after their name *Additional fee applies

Course Modules:

All of the following core modules are mandatory:

History of jewellery

  • Influences on the design and production of a piece of jewellery
  • Recognise distinctive features of period jewellery


  • Advanced for C's and diamond certification (the fifth C)

Gold, platinum, palladium and silver

  • The properties and fineness qualities of the four metals Diamonds
  • Advanced four Cs and diamond certification (the fifth C)


  • Advanced knowledge of common coloured gemstones


  • Recognise hallmarks and explain punch marks using Bradbury’s Book of Hallmarks

Better Business

  • Understanding the key terms and issues around operating a business legally, professionally and responsibly

Optional Modules:

Seven of the following modules should be selected to complete the full Diploma:


  •  In depth interviews with leading designers


  • History of watches
  • How watches work

Diamond treatments and simulants

  • Understanding simulants and synthetics and the treatments used today

Services and repairs

  • Providing a professional service and repairs department


  • Understand the valuation process


  • Understanding how to attract custom using display


  • The difference between criminal and civil
  • law and how they affect the retail jeweller


  • Understand the pawnbroking process


  • In depth understanding of the techniques
  • used in jewellery manufacture


  • How to make the most of exhibiting at a trade show
  • Silversmithing
  • The history of silversmithing and a look at the industry today


  • The history of silversmithing and a look at the industry today


  • The essential elements of security

Study Pack

  • Comprehensive online course notes
  • The Retail Jewellers’ Guide







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