1. Gold Price Remained Unchanged at $1091.50
  2. Gold Price Bucked Off the Shackles Today and Jumped $11.50 (1.03%) to $1,127.90
  3. Gold Price Dropped $4.00 but Remains Above it's 200 Day Moving Average at $1,194.70
  4. Silver and Gold Price Break Out
  5. Gold Price is Ready to Rumble, You Ought to be Buying Silver and Gold
  6. Mark My Words 2016 is the Year for Silver and Gold Prices
  7. Platinum price on 10/02/16 £20.525 per GM
  8. Gold Price Shot Up on Opening and Never Looked Back Closing up $17.20 to $1.107.10
  9. Ruthenium price on 11/02/16 £0.94 per GM
  10. Silver and Gold Prices are Packing Their Bags for a Rally, 2016 is the Year of Their Comeback
  11. Rhodium price on 11/02/16 £14.516 per GM
  12. Gold Price Smashed Through it's Resistance Shooting up $15.50 to $1,121.70
  13. Silver and Gold Prices Stalled Today with the Gold Price Ending Down at $1,127.30
  14. Gold Price Rose $19.20 this Week Ending at $1,116.40
  15. Silver and Gold Price Rally Had Begun with Metals Poised for a Great Leap Up
  16. Gold Price Closed at $1,115.60, 2016 is Shaping Up to be a Great Year for Silver and Gold Prices
  17. Price of Gold Lost $1.60 or 0.15 Percent Closing at $1,089.90
  18. Exercise Patience Friends, 2016 is the Year We've Been Waiting On
  19. Palladium price on 10/02/16 £11.504 per GM
  20. Silver and Gold Prices Rose Today with the Gold Price Up $17.60 at $1,091.50
  21. Silver and Gold Prices Closed Up for the Week with the Gold Price Ending at $1,097.20
  22. Silver and Gold Prices Will Outrun Stocks Mercilessly, Sell Stocks and Buy Metals
  23. Silver and Gold Prices Bottomed in December and Have Begun their Next Rally
  24. Gold price on 11/02/16 (AM) £27.242 per GM
  25. Gold price on 11/02/16 (PM) £27.606 per GM
  26. Gold Price Rose Strongly This Week Up 3.7 Percent Closing at $1,157.80
  27. Iridium price on 11/02/16 £11.606 per GM
  28. Gold Price Backed Off $1.30 Today Closing at $1,096.50
  29. Gold Price Down $13.60 or 1.25 Percent to Close at $1,073.90
  30. Gold Price Closed Comex $10.90 or 1 Percent Lower at $1,085.60
  31. All Systems are Go for Silver and Gold Prices
  32. Gold Price is Magnificently Bullish Climbing Above it's 20 and 50 Day Moving Averages
  33. Silver price on 11/02/16 £347.967 per KG
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Join NAJ

The National Association of Jewellers

Earlier this year the British Jewellers’ Association and the National Association of Goldsmiths embarked on a new journey to become the National Association of Jewellers, the largest Jewellery trade association in the UK.The new association will lead, serve and represent the Jewellery industry by promoting, protecting and providing for its members through offices in London and Birmingham, supported by both a strong internet presence and social media. Our new Code of Conduct is designed to set the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and ethical business practices. Our Coat of Arms is a Mark of Quality that our members can proudly display to build an enduring bond of trust with their customers.

To find out more about our membership benefits please take a look at our Benefits and Services leaflet. In order to apply for membership companies must be at least a year old. Designer Membership applications take around two weeks to process, full membership applications are normally processed within one month. The membership team will contact you to let you know how your application is progressing. In the unlikely event of your application being rejected please note that our joining fee is non-refundable.

  Member benefits and services overview

Application Notes

Designer/Craft Membership: The NAJ provides a special class of membership for individual designer makers and crafts people working alone, or with one other member of staff. To be eligible for this membership you must provide a skilled service such as modelmaking, setting or finishing and have a turnover of £75,000 or less. If you do not meet this criteria you will need to join the NAJ as a Supplier Member.

Associate Membership: This class of membership is applicable to companies that are suppliers of goods and services to the jewellery trade, but are not themselves in the trade.

If you are a wholesaler/importer you will need to complete the Supplier application form. If you only sell to consumer please complete the Retailer application. 

  NAJ Membership Rates Card
  Code of Conduct

The requirements of the Code reflect industry best practice and promote fairness, honesty and ethics. All applicants are expected to return a signed copy of the NAJ’s Code of Conduct alongside their application form.

  Benefits and Services Leaflet

  Direct Debit Form

Designer Application Form   Designer Application Form
Associate Application Form   Associate Application Form
Supplier Application Form   Supplier Application Form
Retailer Application   Retailer Application Form

If you are interested in becoming a member of The National Association of Jewellers, please call Nikita 0121 237 1159. 

If you wish to pay by direct debit your original mandate must be sent by post however scanned versions of the application form and page 20 of the Code of Conduct can be sent by email to




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The National Association of Jewellers
Federation House
10 Vyse Street
Birmingham, B18 6LT, UK

Birmingham Office: 0121 237 1110
Fax: 0121 237 1113
London Office: 020 7613 4445