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Whatever industry you’re in, presenting the opportunity to ‘move onwards and upwards’ gets attention. Earning a higher salary, taking on a new challenge or finding a better fit with your lifestyle are all good reasons for targeting professional progression.

Apprenticeships represent an entry route into the jewellery world that are among the most efficient ways of training staff, both financially (because of Government support) and in terms of the quality of learning and development on offer. The Government this year launched its ‘Fire It Up’ campaign, which aims to highlight the benefits of apprenticeships to the apprentice and employer community.

We are seeing the apprenticeship system in this country come of age, with leading employers waking up to the benefits apprenticeships can bring.

Damian Hinds, Education Secretary


  • 71% of apprentices agreed the chances of earning a higher wage in the future had increased
  • Of those who completed an apprenticeship 90% secured a job or went onto further learning, with 88% in sustained employment


  • Improved productivity (78%), improved product or service quality (74%) plus new ideas apprenticeships bring to their organisation (65%) 
  • 83% of employers would recommend apprenticeships to other businesses


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