Discover what benefits you'll get from the NAJ when joining:

Designer makers
  • Design protection services
  • Support and advice from a dedicated team of professionals including mentors
  • Online exposure for your design business including a directory listing and press release portal
  • Preferential rates on services such as card processing, photography and products such as findings
  • Opportunities to enter competitions and be featured in our magazine and on the Association’s social media platforms
  • Discounted exhibition space in the UK and abroad
  • Courses, seminars and practical workshops for your design business

    We feel the organisation has been so important for many aspects of our business, from networking events and trade fair advice and assistance, to design registrations and legal advice. The NAJ has always delivered! In these uncertain times it is crucial for “British” designed and made jewellery to be recognised, seen and heard.” Linda Scott, Linda Macdonald Jewellery, NAJ Designer of the Year 2012

Jewellery trade suppliers and manufacturers
  • Discounted exhibition space in the UK and overseas
  • Access to free legal advice 24 hours a day
  • Design protection
  • Preferential rates on a host of business services from card processing to couriers
  • Online exposure including a directory listing and a press release portal
  • Advertising opportunities to help you reach out to over 1150 retail members
  • Courses, seminars and mentoring from industry professional

    “The NAJ puts us in touch with other members of the trade and advises us on industry issues. Regular emails help us to keep on top of industry news. Our online profile on the NAJ website and using the press release portal has raised our profile in the trade. We do receive hits on our website that come via the NAJ website. We have also attended tours of the Goldsmiths’ Hall and Assay Office, organised by the NAJ, which provided a great opportunity to network and learn at the same time!” Miranda Raw, Raw Pearls

  • A suite of NAJ branded materials to help you communicate to your customers what the Mark of Quality means for them, helping you stand out from your competitors
  • Access to free legal advice 24 hours a day
  • Consumer dispute resolution service to save you time and money on disputes
  • Security alerts from Safergems to help you protect your assets
  • Preferential rates on services such as card processing and software
  • Online exposure for your retail business including a listing on our consumer-friendly webpages and a press release portal
  • Courses, seminars and mentoring for everyone from business owners to store staff

    “As an independent retailer I have to manage my time wisely. The NAJ has saved me time and money with their relevant services and advice. The security alerts and legal helplines help me to protect my staff and my business. The seminars, networking groups and courses have added real value to my business and informed my strategy along the way. I display my NAJ membership certificate with pride as it differentiates me from other jewellers and gives my customers that extra bit of reassurance. Aside from the benefits and services I enjoy the feeling of belonging it provides and I have made many friends along the way.” Simon Johnson, Marmalade Jewellery

Jewellery industry associate
  • Marketing and advertising opportunities to help you reach out to over 2000 of our members and the industry as a whole
  • Networking and sponsorship opportunities
  • Online exposure

    “We are delighted to provide payment solutions to NAJ members. Becoming a service provider has enabled us to raise awareness of our payments brand. Our service portfolio offers cost effective and efficient payment solutions that are perfectly tailored to the many thousands of small to medium sized businesses, such as jewellers in the UK, therefore this partnership was the perfect choice for us.” David Maisey, Chip & PIN Solutions