Jewellery design winner Niav collects bespoke pendant from C.W. Sellors

27 Apr 2021


NAJ Winner Visit CW Sellors (1)Image: Niav collecting her pendant from Rebecca Sellors, from CW Sellors .

Jewellery design competition winner Niav Steaton was able to collect her lotus flower pendant from the Ashbourne based jeweller CW Sellors after lockdown restrictions eased for non-essential retail.

Niav Steaton a 15-year-old student from Chester won the jewellery design competition run by the National Association of Jewellers at the last world skills career exhibition in 2019, a show that aims to inspire young people explore possible career routes.

With lockdown finally easing, competition winner Niav enjoyed a tour of the workshop at C.W. Sellors in Ashbourne, sponsor of the design competition, where her design was brought to life. The tour finished with Niav being presented with the piece by Rebecca Sellors, Head of jewellery design at C.W. Sellors.

When asked about what her lotus design symbolised, and how she came up with the final design Niav said,

To me, the lotus flower represents purity as well as many visits to India with my family growing up. In Buddhism, the flower symbolises fortune as the petals rise above the murky water to achieve enlightenment.

Once I had the idea in my head of the lotus flower I knew that’s what I was going to enter. It took me ten or so revisions to get the flower how I wanted it.

NAJ Winner Visit C W Sellors - Process 1

Niav also shared her thoughts on the tour and the manufacturing process

“It’s been great today and I’ve learnt a lot. Seeing how Becky and the team cut and polish the locally sourced stone was so interesting. You don’t really think about this or the other processes when looking at a finished piece.

“I really want to go into architecture as a career where I’ll need to give attention to form and shape, similar to jewellery design. Both architecture and jewellery also have the story of the design running throughout the creative process.

NAJ Winner Visit C W Sellors - Process

Asked about how she felt about the whole experience Niav said,

“I do feel special that I was the one that managed to get their entry made up. They’ve got the design perfect and it’s better than I’d imagined, I love it so much. I’ll be keeping this for best only. Thank you so much to CW Sellors for this, it means so much to me.”

“I’d recommend World Skills to all young people looking into their careers. Even if you know what you’d like to do, still go and experience the other opportunities. Jewellery for example is something you’d immediately think about for example but attending the show you get to see and talk to professionals who are excited to help you.”

NAJ Winner Visit C W Sellors

Rebecca Sellors commented on how they were able to create the design and also why they sponsor the competition,

The pendant design was a great piece to work on, with the use of CAD and a fantastic team, we were able to make the design come to life. Niav’s design was great to work with as it was clear she’d thought it out to be practical as well as beautiful.

We want to encourage young people in school get involved in the creative side of things, and the jewellery trade most specifically. As a business we’re proud to champion British jewellery manufacturing and we want to keep the skills in the UK. This is a fantastic competition and we’re excited to hopefully the event run again soon.

NAJ Winner Visit C W Sellors - Process 2


About the competition

Students attending the World Skills show select a small, coloured gemstone by picking one out of a sensory display, blindfolded. To then enter the design competition, students were required to submit their designs to the NAJ Education team who would coordinate with a panel of judges to select a winner.

Marie Garnett, Head of Education at the National Association of Jewellers said,

World skills is a unique opportunity to promote careers in the jeweller industry to young people. The whole show is about experience and interaction, and with the support of a number of businesses and people, we are able to run the design competition.

We are looking forward to seeing the event return. At the last show in 2019 our stand was the busiest I’ve known with lots of people eager to see the live demonstrations and pick out a gemstone to take part in the design competition.

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Source: The National Association of Jewellers