David Wilkins Award

David Wilkins Award

About the Award

David wilkins

David Wilkins (1931-1994), former Chairman of the National Association of Goldsmiths (the NAJ's predecessor) Valuations Committee, had a distinguished career in the jewellery industry and was widely known and respected both for his outstanding personal qualities and great expertise. More than any other individual David sought to encourage high standards of conduct and professionalism in respect of valuations.

The award that he sponsored remains as his legacy in promoting the aims for which he strove for so long.

The National Committee of the National Association of Jewellers may award the David Wilkins Trophy if an IRV has demonstrated outstanding skill, dedication or service in respect of jewellery appraisal and valuation.

The Trophy comprises an Elizabethan-style silver dish which is inscribed with the winner's name who retains it for the relevant year. It is complemented by the award of a £100 gift token to spend with the Gem-A to supplement the winner's personal reference library and/or add to the equipment they use.


Nomination and Qualifying Criteria

An NAJ Institute Registered Valuer may nominate himself/herself or any other IRV they feel merits nomination. A nomination may also be made by an NAJ member.

Completed nominations must be sent to the IRV Administrator to be received no later than the date given.

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Nomination Criteria

There is no official list of criteria that will enable a nominee to fulfil the citation but the following examples of conduct may provide some guidance:

  1. Consistently producing valuations of exceptional standard. 
  2. Giving help and guidance to colleagues or to members of the public. 
  3. Working to promote and further the aims of NAJ Institute Registered Valuers. 
  4. Providing information/resources for NAJ Institute Registered Valuers. 
  5. Achieving exceptional results in training and/or examination. 
  6. Demonstrating high integrity. 
  7. Showing diligence in research and information gathering. 
  8. Displaying general conduct likely to enhance the reputation of NAJ Institute Registered Valuers.



  1. Nominees may include members of the Valuations Steering Group.
  2. Nomination must be by either an NAJ Institute of Registered Valuer Member/Fellow, an NAJ Member or someone qualified to make an informed judgement as to the merits of the nominee.
  3. Self-nomination must be seconded by some such person as in point 2 above.
  4. Past IRV winners can be nominated.
  5. When considering nominations the Valuations Steering Group may call for further proof or particulars to support a particular nomination and may at its discretion exclude a nomination without stating reasons.
  6. The Valuations Steering Group shall seek nominations annually by written notice to all NAJ Institute of Registered Valuer Members/Fellows and NAJ Members.
  7. The selection from the nominations received will be by ballot of the NAJ Institute Registered Valuers.
  8. These rules may be amended at any time by the Valuations Steering Group which has an absolute discretion in all matters to do with the award of the Trophy.


The 2019 winner

On receiving the award, 2019 winner Shirley Mitchell said,

The IRV David Wilkins Valuer of the Year Award is what we all strive to be worthy of, to produce valuations of the highest standard is just one part of what it takes to win this award but for me it is much more than that – to me, winning this award, which is voted on by our members, is a great honour and to be awarded it twice has given me an exceptional feeling of pride. I hope to be able to live up to this great honour and carry on working to help others throughout their career so that they too will one day be standing where I am now.

Shirley Mitchell

The other IRV nominees were Gareth Brown, Heather Callaway, Steve Carson, Rosamond Clayton, Julian Cousins, Barbara Leal, Susan Pennington, Avril Plant, Jackie Sanders, John Sayer, Lesley Skinner, Adrian Smith, Catriona Smith and Alan Wetherall.

shirley mitchell award

Image: Shirley Mitchell (right) accepting the David Wilkins Award


Previous Winners

Since the Award was first presented in 1994, the winners have been as follows:

  • Terence J Watts - 1994
  • Alan J Smith - 1995
  • Roy V Huddlestone – 1996
  • J Louise Butterworth – 1997
  • Peter J R Jackson – 1998
  • Brian R Dunn – 1999
  • Michael S J Norman – 2000
  • Philip L Stocker – 2001
  • Rosamond S Clayton – 2002
  • Paul Templeton – 2003
  • John S Harris – 2004
  • Heather McPherson – 2005
  • David J Callaghan – 2006
  • Alan Hodgkinson – 2007
  • Peter Buckie – 2008
  • Steven Jordan – 2009
  • Adrian S Smith – 2010
  • Michael S Inkpen – 2011
  • Jonathan Lambert – 2012
  • Shirley Mitchell – 2013
  • Peter Hering - 2014
  • Graham Price and Barry Sullivan (joint) - 2015
  • Geoff Whitefield - 2016
  • Tim Bicknell - 2017
  • Michael Inkpen - 2018
  • Shirley Mitchell- 2019