The Education Steering Group

25 Nov 2019

In the third in our series introducing the Association’s Steering Groups, member Nysa Pradham and vice-chair Chris Oliver explain their aspirations for education in our industry.


Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver, head of Professional Training, Goldsmiths’ Centre

"The decision to join the NAJ’s Education Steering Group was a relatively straightforward one. On both a personal and professional level, it is flattering to be approached by an organisation such as the NAJ to assist with the Education Steering Group and I hope the approach is a reflection on the work that the Goldsmiths’ Centre has undertaken around education and training since its opening.

My passion for this industry stems from the individuals that aspire to and currently work within it. The level of dedication and enthusiasm which is in evidence across the many different facets of the sector inspires us to keep pursuing the most innovative and meaningful forms of education and training, which can enable an individual to achieve their potential. No one business or individual is the same and it is this uniqueness which makes us want to drive change.

I hope that by joining the NAJ Education Steering Group both myself and colleagues on it can provide opportunities for NAJ members and the wider industry which are both relevant and of high quality. In working for the Goldsmiths’ Centre, we have always seen significant value in collaboration, and I see this in exactly the same way for this Steering Group; education and training is not unique to any one organisation, and is a cornerstone of this industry’s growth potential. Our aim should be to work with and alongside other organisations to innovate rather than duplicate and equip those passionate about our industry with the type of training that empowers them to start or continue a career."

Nysa Pradham

Nysa Pradham, head of Education, Gem-A

“There have been many developments in the gems and jewellery trade and this trend continues at a fast pace. The whole industry is increasingly aware of the need for education to extend right along the trade pipeline. The consumer is becoming more aware as we live in the age of technology and information explosion. Therefore, there is a serious need for education and retailers are acutely conscious of this need.

Education is and always has been my passion and I feel that in any industry it is quintessential for an individual’s professional and personal growth, to enable them to develop the competencies and expertise needed to grow and professionalise the trade. At Gem-A our efforts and vision has been to continually develop our education offering to cater to the needs of the trade and to support the development and growth of the global industry through education and research.

In that I am excited to be part of the NAJ Education Steering Group as it provides a platform for us to exchange ideas, discuss opportunities and challenges and brainstorm solutions for education within the trade and support each other in our endeavour for excellence in education. Through this Group, I am hoping I will be able to contribute my ideas and aspirations for gemmology education, but at the same time learn and develop the network that can help us achieve our collective ambitions for the trade.”

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