JET Business Network

What happens at a JBN meeting?

The agenda for each meeting is prepared by an independent facilitator based on the members requirements – which are often flagged by the current debates in the members’ advice forum or specifically requested at previous meetings.

Meetings open with a brief update from each member on their business since they were last together: top line sales, high street status, what’s working, what’s not working. There’s plenty of time built into the agenda to allow discussion and comment the group feel is relevant and of value. Lunch is also an important part of the agenda; aside from eating and responding to urgent calls, texts and emails; it’s a great time to go off agenda, as well as invest time in old and new friendships.

The afternoon sessions provide time to discuss the latest member surveys which are a valuable source of reliable and relevant information. There’s also time given to members’ CPD (Continuous Professional Development) in the form of a mini masterclass. Recent topics have included: leadership, having difficult conversations and range management.


I joined the JBN a couple of years ago and I love it – I get such a lot out of it. The members of my group visited our Rustington store, they helped me with invaluable, impartial advice. I’d recommend JBN to anyone

Sophie Guess, L Guess Jewellers, Littlehampton


Why JBN members renew every year

The benefits of JBN membership are enjoyed 365 days a year

As part of the additional annual fee, as a JBN member you benefit from:

  • Monthly performance reports enabling you to benchmark your business against other retail jewellers, and understand how your business is doing or could be doing
  • An online Q&A forum for airing business concerns or merely seeking guidance on products, suppliers or issues such as:
      • Making promotions work harder
      • Understanding the size of the repairs market
      • Stock levels, turns and values.
  • Member business surveys on topics of interest and value that help you make money and save money, on people, product and process
  • Three regional group meetings a year to discuss in detail the issues and opportunities retailers face and to develop new business skills that will improve the performance of your business
  • Educational store visits where you can see, hear and learn what other members are doing in their store(s)
  • A newsflash service sending relevant business and industry articles straight to your inbox – so you don’t miss out
  • Agenda setting for the annual Retail Jewellers’ Congress where all the regional groups come together to meet friends, make new contacts and hear from expert speakers.


I am inspired with new ideas to help improve the business, from ways to motivate staff to planning customer events. It’s always reassuring to find that everyone in the industry faces challenges in the workplace, as well as hearing the different ways in which these challenges can be turned into successes.

Harriet France, Jeremy France Jewellers, Winchester