JET Business Network

Continual Improvement For Your Jewellery Business

Real Value

At the NAJ, we passionately believe that the key to success in any industry sector is the sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience with other like-minded industry professionals.

The fact is, no successful business or business owner can afford to be an island because the more we all share and learn the more our business will grow and most importantly grow profitably.

Since 2005, the Jet Business Network formerly called the Executive Development Forum has been helping retail businesses to do just that, through the provision and facilitation of

  • Monthly Performance Data Sharing - enabling you to benchmark your business against other retail jewellers
  • News Flash Service - receive relevant industry, business, and management articles straight to your inbox.
  • Online Advice Forum - whether you have a business issue or just seek guidance. You ask the question and the members answer.
  • Educational Store Visits - allow you to see and hear what other jewellers are doing.
  • Business Surveys - on topics identified by members that inevitably make you money and save you money
  • Regional Group Meetings – are facilitated by an independent and experienced professional, where you can discuss the issues and opportunities you face, develop new business skills and establish supportive relationships.

Plus the opportunity to influence and shape the content of the Annual Oxford Congress, where all the regional networking groups meet together to hear external speakers share their knowledge, expertise and experience.

Networking in today’s fast-moving world may now be virtual as well as physical but is still based on the values of Trust, Respect and Confidentiality – values that have established and sustained Jet Business Network relationships formed through the common purpose of sharing knowledge, expertise and experience with other like minds looking to looking to improve their businesses.

For more information, please contact Sandra Page JBN Administrator on or Michael Donaldson the JBN Facilitator: 07817 305 122 or


The key benefit to me (of being an NAJ member), even though it costs extra, is the JBN. Networking, sharing best practice, getting advice and information are exceptionally useful. Some of the tips received have helped saved us enough money to more than justify the fee. I’d encourage and recommend it highly

Adam Jacobs – Jacobs the Jewellers

It’s great to meet other similar retailers who are happy to share their knowledge and experiences

Aaron Temprell - Temprells

I could categorically state that over the past 12 months membership of the JBN has saved me well in excess of £2000 and I’ve made income well over £10,000

Simon Johnson Marmalade Jewellery

I joined the JBN a couple of years ago and I love it – I get such a lot out of it. The members of my group visited our Rustington store, they helped me with invaluable, impartial advice. I’d recommend JBN to anyone

Sophie Guess -  L Guess Jewellers.

When I first joined the JBN I thought that to commit to almost £1000 for the joining fee is a large amount. What is the return on that going to be? I recouped that soon after my first meeting from the tips that I received by discussing with other memberswhat had worked for them to increase their sales. Joining the JBN has been worth every penny and I would recommend that to anyone who is unsure of joining

Jaysal Pattni - Minar Jewllers