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Boodles secure London Sloane St showroom with Warrior sliding door

01 Nov 2018


Knightsbridge, London – October 31, 2018 – Boodles Jewellers, have completed work on their London Sloane St storefront, installing a new fully glazed Warrior Doors sliding security door.

Boodles had previously installed a Warrior Interlock on the Basil St entrance of their exclusive Sloane St showroom. The installation of the Interlock was a response to the vicious smash-and-grab robbery that took place at the store in August 2017.

In March 2018 armed criminals returned and failed to breach the showroom’s Basil St entrance after ramming it with a 2.2 tonne Land Rover Discovery. However, the store was not compromised thanks to the new Warrior door.

Boodles’ exclusive Sloane St showroom opened in May 2017 and was designed by esteemed Czech architect and designer Eva Jiřičná. The installation of a physical security solution to the front entrance of the boutique would need to preserve the store’s aesthetic integrity.

Michael Wainwright, Boodles’ Managing Director, was thrilled with the installation of the Warrior Sliding Door, commenting on the design, “[the Warrior door] makes the store’s environment look even more luxurious than it was before and enhances the ambience of the boutique.”

In response to the recent wave of moped and gang related crime hitting high value retailers in London and other major UK cities, retailers are becoming more aware of threats to their businesses.

In August 2018 another Sloane St retailer – Gucci, invested in a Warrior Doors solution, installing a Warrior Storefront at their London flagship location.