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Christie's has sold record-breaking diamond earrings - trip to subarctic mine included

06 Dec 2018

Christie's New York has sold the Foxfire earrings, cut from the largest known rough diamond ever mined in North America, the purchase of which includes a complimentary trip to the Diavik diamond mine in the Canadian Arctic, hundreds of miles from the nearest city, where temperatures routinely plummet to minus 70 degrees Celsius. This is no winter wonderland but these earrings, and the holiday that accompanies them, have just become one lucky lady's very unusual Christmas present.


The Foxfire earrings, 37.87 and 36.8 carats, cut from the largest known rough diamond mined in North America  have sold for $1.3m - including a trip to the Diavik diamond mine, located in Barren Lands, Canada, where temperatures reach minus 70 with windchill factor: 

Managing director of celebrity jeweller Tobias Kormind says:

“The hi-tech Diavik diamond mine in the Canadian subarctic, one of the world's most unique workplaces, is not your average winter wonderland. This is one unique Christmas gift, and the holiday that comes with it - if you can call it that - isn't for the fainthearted. Temperatures at Diavik, hundreds of miles from the nearest city, routinely drop to minus 35 degrees Celsius in winter, minus 70 with a wind-chill factor, and frostbite can strike in five minutes. Miners typically fly in to work on a two-week on, two-week off rotation. The 568km ice road used to reach Diavik is only open 67 days a year on average. No wonder the local landscape is called Barren Lands. When the 187.66 carat Foxfire diamond, the largest ever mined in North America, was unearthed from the Diavik mine in 2015, there were fears it would be crushed as it was extracted from the ground."