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Engelsrufer- the brand bringing spirituality to the UK jewellery market

05 Sep 2019

We catch up with Stewart Arvan, Director and Founder of Guardian Brands to talk about the unique and spiritual brand Engelsrufer and how it has found it's place in the UK market. 


When was the brand launched – by whom? What is your background?

The Engelsrufer brand (ER) was started by Sabine and Mario Martini in 2010. Inspired by the Spanish tradition of "Llamadores de angeles” (Angel Whisperer) they started creating jewellery with special meaning. The unique selling feature of the brand is not only its unique look but also the spiritual and emotional meaning behind each of the 9 collections. The jewellery generates emotions & comfort with the consumer which is the key point of difference versus most other fashion brands. Today Engelsrufer is distributed through 42 countries around the globe.

At a chance encounter with my new partners (Goodman Bros UK) in Basel in 2018, we discussed the possibility of me moving across to the UK to start a jewellery distribution company which would compliment their stable of brands. They had been pursuing the Engelsrufer brand for several years based on its worldwide success and felt that there was enormous potential for the brand in the UK and that it needed dedicated focus in order to achieve its full potential. At the same time, I was in discussions with an old friend and ex-business colleague, Greg Blanchfield, who was also moving to the UK and wanted to get involved in a business. One thing led to another, but to cut a very long story short, we decided to go into business together in the UK to take on this very exciting opportunity with Goodman Bros.

Engelsrufer Lotus collectionEngelsrufer lotus collection

What's the story behind the brand? What's your USP?

The spiritual aspects of the brand and the emotional stories is what made the brand so successful in Europe have not been developed and recognised to its full potential. We have subsequently launched a UK campaign and rebranded Engelsrufer as Angel Whisperer by Engelsrufer which we feel resonates more with the UK consumer.

Are you planning a major re-launch of the brand now as its new distributors?

Bloom pendantEngelsrufer bloom

Prior to agreeing to take on the brand, and as part of my research into the potential of the brand in the UK, I visited a number of jewellers to find out what their experience with the brand had been and whether there was potential for the brand to grow in this country.

Based on the feedback, which was overwhelmingly positive, it seemed imperative that our company should be focused on one brand only and that building close relationships with our customers and listening to what they need to be successful was imperative.

Our objective is to increase our presence in the UK market and to establish Angel Whisperer as one of the leading fashion brands by emulating the success of ER in Europe, partnering with key select retailers.

Describe the products – styles, materials used

Engelsrufer jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver and available in 4 versions. Rhodium plating rose gold plating, yellow gold plating and black-ruthenium plating. The sound balls, which are available in several colours, all with their own special meaning, are made from brass, covered by a special hard varnish. Inside each sound ball is a hand-made chime giving each a unique sound. This is where the name originates – calling your own and unique “Angel Whisperer”
Is there something new or different that you are offering since the brand first came to the UK?

Our focus will be very much on working hand in hand with our retail partners and to ensure that the brand is displayed in such manner that all the emotional stories are displayed with informative and engaging visuals that will allow the customer to fully understand what the brand is about. A full assortment of new fashionable jewellery items was recently introduced over and above a collection of very on trend watches. Our watches are made of stainless steel with stainless straps / nubuck leather. With easy-change system the straps are interchangeable to create an individual watch for the wearer.

Rainbow CollectionEngelsrufer rainbow collection

Who are you targeting? Age group, female/male/unisex, level of the market? Multiples or independents?

The diverse product offering appeals to a broad spectrum of female customer across all ages. Angel Whisperer is not a religious brand BUT a brand that has so many emotional & spiritual values which is so very pertinent in today’s world.

The competitive pricing of the brand and the exceptional quality, a 2-year warranty is offered, makes it very competitive versus other sterling silver fashion brands.

Adding additional items to a customer’s Angel Whisperer wardrobe is key to repeat business for the retailer. This message will be clearly highlighted on each display stand.

Do you offer packaging, POS materials etc?

Our retail partners will be supplied with new & updated displays stands with new visuals highlighting the DNA of the brand and the name change to Angel Whisperer. New branded jewellery boxes & shopping bags are also available. As part of the selling experience and creating a full understanding of the item of jewellery purchased, we also supply informative “scroll’s” for each of the 9 emotional stories, which the retailer “ties” to the box of jewellery sold thus re-enforcing the meaning of the jewellery inside.

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