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Free Diamond Foundation Course for NAJ Members

02 Apr 2020

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De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds has made available it's online Diamond Foundation Course for 100 learners from NAJ Members for as long as the ongoing Coronavirus crisis continues. 

In a statement De Beers commented why it is prepared to open up access for NAJ Members to extend their knowledge of diamonds beyond the 4Cs, drawing on insights from the full spectrum of the diamond pipeline.

"At De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds, we understand the current global health crisis is affecting all industries. During this time of social distancing, we must all find ways to adapt and stay productive. We appreciate that keeping retail staff engaged and motivated during this period of isolation can be costly and time consuming, which is why we want to play our part.

"De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds has taken the decision to offer our online Diamond Foundation Course for free (normally $250) to key industry partners, allowing retail professionals to make the most of their time away from their normal environment."

Focusing on the incredible characteristics and journey of natural diamonds, the Diamond Foundation Course covers everything from the atomic structure of a diamond to how the De Beers Group recover and sort rough diamonds. Within the course, learners will also find modules on the 4Cs as well as synthetic (lab-grown) diamonds, enabling learners to return to work with a greater understanding and appreciation of the entire diamond industry and the confidence to clearly communicate this to customers.

There are eight modules, broken down into chapters of 15-30 minutes. This makes learning manageable alongside other time commitments. The entire course is interactive and visually engaging to bring the natural diamond story to life. Access will be granted for four months to ensure students can revisit topics, each of which finishes with a short assessment and downloadable study notes.

The course is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited and students can download a PDF certificate from De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds upon successfully completing the course.

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Students will be contacted directly by De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds with instructions on how they can proceed with the course within 7-10 days of booking, if not before.


Source: De Beers