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Holts Lapidary welcomes Marcia Lanyon Ltd to bring more gemstones to the Jewellery Trade

29 Aug 2019

A new collaboration between the two long-established firms will see a Marcia Lanyon Ltd coloured gemstone collection at Holts Lapidary in Hatton Garden from the 2nd September 2019.

Holts Lapidary's Greville Street showroom will welcome jewellery designers, makers and students to view and buy from the enlarged range of precious gemstones on offer. Faceted or cabochon, tiny or bold - there will be something for every design and price range.

The combination of Marcia Lanyon's buying knowledge and experience with Holts expertise, will see unusual and eye-catching stones enhancing the joint collection.

Marcia Lanyon started in the jewellery business in the 1960s, working with George Lindley Ltd and designer John Donald while she completed her FGA. In the early 1970s, in Hong Kong, she wrote and taught an FGA Diploma course which laid the foundation of gemmology education in Hong Kong. She founded Marcia Lanyon Ltd in 1975 in West London and has supplied jewellery designers, makers and students for over 40 years. In 2017 Marcia simplified the business in order to spend more time with her grandchildren while still supplying her loyal customers by post, as well as touring the country with a series of pop-up shops.

gems sapphire

Marcia is very excited about the joint venture with Holts Lapidary which will further support her customers with a space to visit and view, leaving her free to source stones for the collection around the world.

Established in 1948, and based in Hatton Garden, Holts Lapidary is a stalwart of the UK jewellery industry. Housing one of the largest teams of lapidaries in the country, Holts provide responsibly sourced fine gems and lapidary services to the trade. Its team of gemmologists and lapidaries are its pride and joy having won many industry awards for the meticulous craftsmanship it delivers to some of the most famous jewellery and design houses. Combining the rare and unusual gems that Marcia is renowned for with the expertise of Holts gemmology and lapidary specialists will bring new possibilities for the designer maker community.

Holts Lapidary's new gemstone showroom in 39 Greville Street is a convenient way for jewellery designers and makers to view the new expanded collection on offer.

Holts Lapidary are looking forward to working with Marcia and having her expertise added to their talented team.