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Jewellery shines brighter at London Fashion Week

02 Oct 2018

The debut Jewellery Cut Showroom at London Fashion Week took place in Bond Street to showcase a range of designer fine and fashion jewellery brands, along with a range of jewellery masterclasses and a VIP launch party. The ticketed event, which drew over 300 visitors over the two days, was open to press, buyers and general public, offering jewellery on sale with special showroom prices and offers.

Speaking at the showroom Rachael Taylor, editorial director, The Jewellery Cut said:  “Jewellery doesn’t get much love during London Fashion Week, and we’re glad that this is something we’ve managed to change this season with a bustling The Jewellery Cut Showroom that drew in a strong crowd of industry professionals and interested consumers who wanted to learn more about, and buy, jewels. This hybrid approach has helped the designers taking part to tick multiple boxes with one event, which is so important in an age when money and time pressures are so intense. And from the consumers' perspective, the Showroom was an opportunity to learn about some of the highly creative, diverse jewellers we have here in the UK and to purchase quality jewels that you won’t find on the high street. A new jewellery event that has the energy to inspire and educate consumers has been long overdue, and we feel that The Jewellery Cut Showroom has been the perfect experience for jewellery lovers who are ready to do more than just like a picture of a ring on Instagram. We look forward to running regular Showrooms and events throughout the year to complement our digital presence.”

Jewellery brands and designers who flew into London from around the world to take part in the event and display their new collections in the showroom, hosted by jewellery specialist agency FACETS, which included Spanish fashion jewellery brand Uno de 50, Sarah Zhuang Jewellery from Hong Kong, C6 by Anne Cohen from Denmark and Icelandic jewellery brand Aurum by Guðbjörg. UK brands taking part included Clogau, GFG Jewellery, ethical jewellers Eden Diodati, Untold and Natalie Perry Jewellery, as well as emerging designer brands Lemuria Jewels, Olivia & Pearl, AS by Akansha, Aureliean, Phine London and Satta Matturi.

“The Jewellery Cut Showroom with FACETS is a must for any emerging jewellery brand” said Eda Elbirlik, founder of Maviada.

“It was an amazing experience and met some absolutely wonderful people throughout the show.

The way everything was put together for all of us was wonderful and was an absolute pleasure to be part of it,” added Akansha Sethi of AS by Akansha, who was showcasing a new range of rings featuring carved coloured stones set in traditional Indian enamelwork.

Nilufer Kizilkaya of GFG Jewellery said: “I thought it was a fantastic location and extremely chic showroom. I did love the way it was organised and all the efforts of FACETS and The Jewellery Cut. There was a nice mix of press and buyers there and I am sure that if this showroom is repeated on an annual basis it will have the must go and see effect to bring in more buyers. I look forward to the next Jewellery Cut!”

While Olivia Smith of Olivia & Pearl said: “I was delighted to be part of The Jewellery Cut Showroom hosted by FACETS. Not only did I have the opportunity to meet with key press and industry buyers but also grow my customer base connecting with invited consumers and jewellery enthusiasts. A fantastic two days of jewellery and fashion. I'm looking forward to next seasons event already.”

“The Jewellery Cut Showroom was a huge success. The crossover nature of the show that opened it up to press, influencers, retail buyers and consumers was a real hit, and ensured that the show was busy throughout the two days. We’ve had fantastic feedback from our exhibitors, who all felt like it was a solid investment of their time. As well as getting a great blend of people through the door to see the designers’ jewels, the Showroom was also an opportunity for these emerging and established brands to network with a diverse crowd of industry professionals that we brought into the room through our strong personal networks. Our VIP evening was particularly well attended, and created a rare opportunity for these designers on the rise to meet the respected industry leaders in attendance, who included Shaun Leane and Stephen Webster,” said Andrew Martyniuk, commercial director, The Jewellery Cut 

On Monday evening a cocktail reception sponsored by John Pye Luxury Assets Auctions, Scavi and Ray Prosecco, Schweppes mixers and Clogau, hosted over 100 VIP guests that included leading jewellery designers Stephen Webster, Shaun Leane, Vicki Sarge, Liz Olver and Thomas Donocik sipping special edition Clogau reserve gin and Schweppes tonic to toast the launch of The Jewellery Cut.

Tickets for the jewellery masterclasses sold out well in advance, with members of the public and students of jewellery attending talks by antique and vintage jewellery expert Joanna Hardy, jewellery trend expert and author Vivienne Becker, presenting the latest Swarovski gemstone trends. Other masterclasses were held by diamond expert Lisa Levinson, fashion jewellery designer Vicki Sarge and head designer of Annoushka Jewellery Liz Olver.

“The combination of jewellery masterclasses with evening cocktail events and the chance to see new jewellery collections and meet the designers throughout the day was a winning combination,” said Sarah Carpin, director of jewellery specialist agency FACETS.