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MyriamSOS Unveils Rare Osmium Ring "Aqua Wave"

03 Oct 2019

NAJ member and award-winning designer MyriamSOS Fine Jewellery has unveiled their latest piece, donned by the designer as ‘One of the most magical and rare jewellery pieces in the world”. The ring has been made in collaboration with the Osmium Institute and the award winning jeweller and is one of the few pieces in the world which contains the precious Osmium.

What is Osmium?

Osmium, ‘the sunshine” element as it is otherwise known, is both the rarest precious metal and the rarest existing element. It is mined together with platinum - an amount of 10,000 tons of platinum ore contains only 30 grams osmium. The separation of the metals is cost-intensive and very complex.

Osmium is regarded as an investment metal and for watch and jewellery making. There could be many other applications resulting from the special properties of osmium, but it is so rare and expensive that it is not used in any other applications.

Osmium has the highest abrasion resistance of any material; thus, it would be the most durable “nail filer” in the world!

It has the highest density of all elements and of all chemical compounds. Therefore, it is impossible to counterfeit osmium.

It’s colour is a unique blueish-silvery to blueish-whitish lustre which unfolds upon sunlight reflection and LED light. The light is reflected in all directions, which reinforces the sparkling and overwhelming crystal structure.

Aqua Wave ring 

The “Aqua Wave” Ring

The ring was commissioned by the Institute of Osmium to multi-award-winning brand MyriamSOS Fine Jewellery because of their innovative approach to design and for being renowned for pushing the boundaries of experimentation to create innovative, unexpected and differentiated Jewellery.

The concept of the design is based on the fluid lines derived from water:

• Water is the only compound in the world from which our planet derives magic.

• Osmium is a magical sparkling precious metal

• The purity of water is totally in line with the brand’s philosophy to create jewellery from ethically sourced materials.

• The dynamic curvatures of the design (derived from water) are refined into a powerful construction which enhances the “sparkles” of the Osmium

• The ring is suggestive of an architectural discipline playing with minimalism, space and movement with clean geometric lines


18ct white and rose gold
White diamonds
Blue Sapphire