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NAJ Announces Return of JET Practical Training Days

09 Aug 2019

The National Association of Jewellers is excited to announce that as of Autumn 2019 it is re-launching its JET Practical Training Days, which will provide an invaluable opportunity for colleagues to get hands-on with some of the theoretical knowledge that is contained in the JET qualifications.

For example, there will be the chance to identify coloured gemstones, diamonds and diamond simulants, using the relevant tools. Participants will also learn how to read and interpret hallmarks.

We are delighted to be teaming up with the UK Assay Offices in London, Birmingham and Sheffield, to offer these days – a collaboration with Edinburgh and Dublin Assay Offices is also on the cards.
Not only will participants have access to a training day in their area, but they will also take a tour of the hallmarking floor, learn more about the amazing history of hallmarking and see first-hand the new techniques that are now being used.

we are confident that delegates will find these courses really worthwhile.

Marion Wilson, Birmingham Assay Office

Marion Wilson from the Birmingham Assay Office says:

“Our industry needs people who are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and motivated more than ever before. We are pleased to cooperate with the NAJ in delivering these practical sessions. Previous interactive days offered by the Birmingham Assay Office received fantastic feedback and we are confident that delegates will find these courses really worthwhile.”

Practical day at Birmingham Assay OfficeNAJ JET Practical Training Days resized

Emma Paragreen from the Sheffield Assay Office adds:

“The JET Practical Training Days will be of great benefit to anyone working in the trade. Sheffield Assay Office is delighted to be hosting one of the training days and looking forward to facilitating a tour of the premises, enabling participants to see first-hand how the office assays and marks precious metals.”

Adam Phillips from the London Assay Office says:

“Even with the wealth of information available on multi-media platforms there is nothing better than to gain hands-on experience from people whose wealth of know-how enables them to answer any question you have immediately, giving you the necessary understanding behind the processes.”

Hallmarking at Birmingham Assay Officepractical days hallmarking

Although ideal for students on the JET Certificate or the JET Diploma, the JET Practical Training Days will also be of interest to anyone who wants a hands-on introduction to identifying coloured gemstones, diamonds, diamond simulants and hallmarks.

Forthcoming dates are:

Birmingham: Thursday 3rd October 2019
Sheffield: Thursday 23rd January 2020
London: Wednesday 18th March 2020

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