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Serious about selling diamonds?

23 Nov 2018

Serious about selling diamonds? Co-owner & Director Scot Walker of Parify explains the secret to selling more jewellery…

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Fine jewellery needs to be shown in the best light, and we mean that literally! What many jewellers don’t realise is that the correct lighting for diamonds is a lot more involved than just illuminating the products.

When browsing a jewellery shop window, people are attracted to a particular piece because of how it sparkles in the display, and the ability to see cut, colour and clarity. For example, a 1ct diamond solitaire looks fantastic under the correct lighting, but it would look entirely different underneath fluorescent light. This is an extreme example, but very often seen in many stores. Put these two stores side by side, one lit by fluorescents, and the other by state of the art LED’s, which diamond would you choose to look at?

Many jewellers believe that the standard type of LED lighting that has been on the market for the past 5 years is the way forward, and it has served its purpose handsomely… until now.

Since the launch of Parify’s Cerebra, the business of selling diamonds has never been easier. Granted, the current generation of LED’s do show diamonds off in all their glory, but it pales in comparison when illuminated by Cerebra. The multiple LED’s in the Cerebra, ensure that each and every facet of the stone has light entering it, so the sparkle is like nothing ever seen before.

Secondly, the ActivWhite colour adjustment of the Cerebra enables the white light output to be specifically tuned to the requirements of your stock. Colourless diamonds can be showcased to their best potential under a cool light, where yellow diamonds perform better with a little more warmth in the light. Cerebra allows you to adjust the light via a smartphone or tablet, to suit your collections.

In an ideal world, the perfect lighting scheme would incorporate Cerebra downlights and Diamond Sparkle rotating lights. This is because the first step of selling a diamond is to get someone looking in your window, so we need to attract them first.

The rotating LED’s in Diamond Sparkle make your whole display twinkle and sparkle before your eyes, thus creating intrigue and interest. Cerebra then enables the customers to clearly see cut, colour and clarity. This scheme then would follow through into the store, where we would position Cerebra 26 downlights above your consultation tables to ensure the jewellery looks as good when the customer is inspecting it, as it did in the window.