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2019 NAJ Awards

First can you complete information about the person submitting the award entry, it's likely we'll have to get in touch with you. 

Next, please complete information about the company, team or individual you're entering into the Awards.

Now, here's the important part - the entry.

Please take the time to put as strong a case as possible and make sure you consult the award criteria to demonstrate why your entry should win. Always back up your statements with evidence, and don't be afraid to use images and photos to illustrate a point your'e trying to make.

There is plenty of guidance online detailing what makes a killer award entry, and we particularly like what the British Chamber of Commerce suggest. 


Download Award Criteria


Just incase you haven't included any supporting evidence (data, testimonials or images) or can't include them in the above file, you can upload these below.

The more visual the better!