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The National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) has announced seven award categories up for nomination at The NAJ Awards 2022, which will take place at the NAJ Summit Members' Gala Dinner on Sunday, 12th June.

After an enforced hiatus, The NAJ Awards will make a welcome return to the jewellery calendar supported by Headline Sponsor, Nivoda. This is an opportunity to champion extraordinary talent within the UK jewellery industry and highlight the business owners, teams and professionals going above and beyond for the trade and their customers.

Nominations are now open for the following award categories:

  • Team of the Year (sponsored by TH March)
  • Salesperson of the Year (sponsored by JET Programmes)
  • Designer of the Year (sponsored by Royds Withy King)
  • Retailer of the Year (sponsored by Hockley Mint)
  • Designer-Retailer of the Year (sponsored by Dimexon)
  • Supplier of the Year (sponsored by CMJ)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year (sponsored by BATF)

On the announcement of the award categories, Gary Wroe, NAJ Chairman, said,

"The NAJ Awards recognise and celebrate members doing extraordinary things. As a voice for the jewellery sector, we're determined to champion excellence wherever it is found, and these categories provide a diverse showcase for the talent within our trade."


 Nominate a business or individual


Have you got a good story to tell?

It doesn't matter what shape or size your company is; this is about highlighting something special, different or unique to the sector. For example, if a small jewellery supplier has done something which might seem relatively straightforward but delivered ground-breaking results to their business, this is worth shouting about.

Please read the criteria for the award categories carefully.


Company Awards 

Running rings around the competition? Tell the world! 

Including: Jewellery/Watch Supplier of the Year and Retailer of the Year. 

These awards are given to the most outstanding Jewellery companies in the UK. They are purposefully split into these categories to recognise companies throughout the Jewellery value chain. 

Company Award criteria
  • An accurate description of how your reliable and professional company meets the expectations of its internal and external stakeholders, including customers, employees and suppliers 
  • An explanation of your company's contribution to the professional Jewellery community and/or your local community 
  • A description of how you have developed your business, whether that be training for employees, new product development or commercial successes 
  • Achievements that you're most proud of, and/or how you have been able to overcome barriers and challenges 
  • Demonstration of values of professionalism, integrity and honesty. 


Individual Awards 

Who's shining bright like a diamond? Give the gift of recognition! 

Including: Sales Person of the Year, Designer of the Year, Workshop Professional of the Year and Team of the Year. 

These awards are given to a Jewellery professional and/or team that consistently demonstrate a high level of professionalism, integrity and honesty as part of the UK Jewellery Community. Individual awards are purposefully split into different categories to recognise individuals throughout the Jewellery value chain. 

Individual Award criteria
  • A description of a highly professional, reliable, creative and honest jewellery professional or team 
  • Key achievements for the individuals themselves as well as achievements for their team, employer, customers and community 
  • Specific examples of personal attributes and attitudes which make the individual or team particularly worthy of recognition.


CSR Initiative of the Year 

Broken new ground and made a difference? Your customers and peers deserve to know! 

This award is given to a company that's delivered an activity that has contributed to wider society, a specific community or a cause through raising awareness, making a contribution of time or funds, or other associated initiatives. 

CSR Initiative Award criteria
  • A description of a project or activity that demonstrates professionalism, integrity and honesty 
  • Clear guidance on what contribution on your company's part took for the project or activity to be successful 
  • Explanation of if and how the initiative achieved the desired impact, both on the intended group and the company. 


NAJ Awards deadline and how to nominate

Nominations are free for all NAJ members. Non-members are also eligible to enter at a fee of £150 per nomination.

Nominations must be emailed to marketing@naj.co.uk with the chosen category, name of the individual nominee/business and supporting evidence (see criteria above for more information).

The deadline for nominations is Monday, 28th March.


Nominate a business or individual

NAJ Shortlist Announced

Retailer of the Year (sponsored by Hockley Mint)

  • Bradley’s Jewellers York
  • C W Sellors
  • Sonny’s Jewellers
  • Fitzgerald Jewellers
  • Mitchel & Co

 Designer-Retailer of the Year (sponsored by DImexon)

  • Jessica Flinn Jewellery
  • Saunders & Pughe
  • Lucy Quartermaine Jewellery
  • Dinny Hall
  • Purely Diamonds

Team of the Year (sponsored by TH March)

  • Harriet Kelsall
  • Daniella Draper
  • Powells Jewellery
  • 77 Diamonds
  • Hockley Mint

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year (sponsored by BATF)

  • De Beers
  • Karlin Anderson Jewellery
  • Lebrusan Studio
  • Purely Diamonds
  • Lucy Quartermaine Jewellery

Designer of the Year (sponsored by Royds Withy King)

  • Arabel Lebrusan (Lebrusan Studio)
  • Dainty London
  • Isabella Day
  • Augustine Jewels
  • Emma Fathers (Jessica Flinn Jewellery)

Supplier of the Year (sponsored by CMJ)

  • Sierra Consultancy
  • V M  + Events
  • Nivoda
  • Merrell Casting
  • Georgia Wang Jewellery

 Salesperson of the Year (sponsored by JET Programmes)

  • Louise Coleman (Lucy Quartermaine Jewellery)
  • Claire Beatson (Nightingale Jewellers)
  • Fatima Hammal (Purely Diamonds)
  • Tina Mollard (Time and Motion Jewellers)


NAJ Summit

Join us for an extended weekend programme of jewellery business events. The NAJ Summit is an unmissable experience for members and supporters, whether you are a valuer, retailer, supplier or designer. Come together to network, learn and reconnect.

Taking place from the 10th -13th June, the four-day programme of events will feature the Valuers' Conference hosted by the Institute of Registered Valuers, the Retail Jewellers' Congress hosted by the JET Business Network, a one-day Supplier Showcase and a Members' Gala Dinner featuring the return of the NAJ Awards.

Visit the NAJ Summit page