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H S Walsh coronavirus cleaning solutions available to NAJ Members

20 May 2020

HS Walsh coronavirus offers NAJ members

Image left to right: Elma EC 55 Cleaning solution, Elmasonic EASY 30/H 2.75L Heated Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine and Elma Steam 4.5 Basic Steam Cleaner. 

Equipment supplier H S Walsh is providing other NAJ members with discounted cleaning solutions, including chemicals and machinery to facilitate the safe opening of the jewellery retail sector after lockdown.

As well as 10% off Elma ultrasonic and steam cleaning machines, HS Walsh is offering the Elma Clean EC 55 cleaning solution at a price of £38.66, which has been proven to be effective against Coronaviruses*.

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David Doyle, NAJ President said,

“I personally have had so many calls and texts recently on what steps we can take to reassure customers and staff as we begin to exit lockdown.

“HS Walsh have a long history in supporting other NAJ members and we’re thankful they’ve been able to secure the ultrasonic and cleaning products and offer at a discounted rate.”

The product description states:

*Elma Clean EC55 is designed for disinfection purposes only and should be used in a separate, dedicated, ultrasonic unit as per the recommendations on it’s product data sheet.

The solution was originally developed for the dental industry and can be used on stainless and non-stainless steel as well as precious metal jewellery and diamonds. However soft metals such as aluminium, light metal alloys, amorphous and soft gemstones should not be treated with EC55.

HS Walsh said,

“We recommend using EC55 on any client pieces for repair, before evaluation and work takes place, and on repaired work, new stock and any pieces handled on the shop floor before they are returned to the customer or display units.

“It is also recommended that the solution is changed every 7 days.”

In addition to the EC55 chemical, HS Walsh is also offering NAJ members discounts on ultrasonic machines and steam cleaners:


Steam cleaners

To benefit from the discount call the H S Walsh Biggin Hill office on 01959 543 660 to place your order or add the items to your online basket, an quote ‘NAJ2016’ at checkout. Online orders over £50 will also qualify for free mainland shipping (T&Cs and some exclusions apply – web orders only).

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Source: HS Walsh