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Fine Jewellery Designer Encourages Women to Make a Stand and Choose Themselves

23 Apr 2019

This month Roseanna Croft Jewellery have introduced their revolutionary movement ‘Love, Me’; a single ring to represent a woman’s independence. Roseanna has already reached great heights with her brand since it began four years ago, having made jewellery for royalty, athletes and Hollywood movies.

This movement is set to win the hearts of women everywhere who no longer want to be defined by which finger they wear their ring on.

Roseanna tells us the reason behind the creation of this campaign, “I created the ‘Love, Me’ ring through personal experiences of my own and experiences of the women around me who I love. I had to ‘choose myself’ from a young age. Having been through some tough events which took me to a low place but have ultimately shaped the person I am today.

Love, Me with logo

Since then, I have been on a wild journey of investing in myself and learning to truly love myself before anyone else. For me it's about choosing myself over unhealthy and unsafe relationships, choosing myself over people who don't support my dreams and choosing myself over society telling me I should be married and probably thinking about having children by now. This ring will mean something different to everyone, but ultimately has one underlying message - choose yourself.

‘Love, Me’ was first introduced at a launch event last month , with guests such as brand representatives Willa Newton, who is a professional eventing rider and Stephanie Hill, former Miss England and translational oncologist.  The event also included a speech from Chairwoman and Trustee of Smart Works Birmingham, Philippa Pickavance.  Smart works Birmingham is a charity that is not only close to Roseanna’s heart, but also aligns with the message of ‘Love, Me’ and empowers women with  5% of the profits from  this campaign being donated to their cause.

The ring contains a single lab-grown Diamond and can be set in any precious metal. Roseanna creates and sets the rings herself from her boutique and workshop in Bakewell, Derbyshire.

‘Love, Me’ is available to order now through the Roseanna Croft website and will be lovingly handcrafted from one strong woman to another.