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It’s the thought that counts? Brits have developed gifting gold standards

01 Dec 2020

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In the year that has taken so much from us all, we as a nation have become more considerate givers than ever, with research showing the 2020 attitude toward gifting has altered dramatically because of the virus.

Britain’s new ‘gifting standards’ have never been more evident than when people were asked to reflect on last year’s gift choices. Only one in ten saying that they would still purchase the gifts with the benefit of hindsight - instead wishing to swap to something that would give people a way of remembering them when they are not around. 

And the majority of those surveyed say that they are more conscious than ever about what the present says about them. Usual motivations such as ‘giving a gift the person will find useful’ being outweighed by the desire to provide something that shows thought and reflects well on the buyer (53%).

Just one in ten said their criteria was focused on transactional gifting - only planning to exchange gifts to the value of what they expect to receive.   

The YOUGOV research carried out by the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) also showed the impact of people not being able to spend time with their loved ones in 2020. Those polled were less likely to purchase a gift to make the receiver laugh (20%) or that will occupy their time (13%); such light-hearted motivations have been replaced by a desire to give something to make the friend or relative feel valued (52%).

Adam Jacobs, a Partner at Jacobs the Jewellers, an Independent Jewellery Retailer in Reading believes the research shows that Britain is now more considered than ever in its gifting decision making.

He said,

This year has clearly made people think quite deeply about the legacy of gifts and how every interaction with the people they care about is precious – Christmas is obviously the key time for that.

It has been harder than ever to be around people all the time, especially to visit them and make your physical presence felt, so therefore, people want to be remembered and emotionally present in the lives of loved ones a little more.

Previously, photographs around the home played a little of that role, but the research tells us that eight out of ten people don’t have physical pictures anymore. We can thank the likes of WhatsApp groups and Facebook for that. However, gifts will always be tangible, emotional reminders of loved ones. This Christmas, we want to inspire people to give gifts that treasure the past, live in the present moment and anticipate the future.

NAJ Style Edit 21 Mark Milton

On the back of the research, the NAJ has now published ‘The Jeweller’s ’21 Style Edit’, a present-perfect gift-guide of pieces from autumn/winter collections, all tipped to feature on jewellery’s ‘most wanted’ lists for 2021 to suit every occasion or budget.

 View The Jeweller's '21 Style Edit

Belinda Morris, Editor of trade journal The Jeweller, and responsible for bringing the final edit together said: 

The need to ‘connect’ is always key during the festive season and this year it will be more important than ever. Gifters will want to indulge loved ones with meaningful and special gifts to enjoy the perfect Christmas moment… gifts that will also have lasting appeal. Jewellery has and will always fulfil such wishes.

Now, more than ever, your local jeweller, their teams and their families, need all the support that you can give them.

As their community experts they curate and sell perfect gifts with a personal, vested emphasis on in store experience – particularly at Christmas, not to mention many offering online as well as click and collect options. The breadth of retail skill and passion I see every single day in these local jewellers is astonishing.

Our Style Edit not only offers gifting inspiration for those wishing to connect emotionally with loved ones, but also the assurance of the best possible professional service – whether lockdown means more Merry Click-mas’, or not.

People looking for more information or wanting piece of mind with a jewellery purchase should visit the National Association of Jewellers Find a Jeweller tool or for inspiration visit The Jeweller's '21 Style Edit. 

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Source: The NAJ