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Kimjoux, Makes Sure A Valentine’s Day Like No Other Is A Sure-Fire Hit

29 Jan 2021

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For some, Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year; a whole 24 hours to be filled with tokens of love and affection, special moments to cherish and a chance to let love shine. 

For others – mostly husbands, partners and boyfriends – Valentine’s Day is a nightmare; an entire day dedicated to love but jam-packed with opportunities to get it wrong. Yes, Valentine’s Day any year needs to be navigated with the utmost care, but, in 2021, it’s going to need some careful thought… … or you could just go straight to Kimjoux's Plan B(Beyond).

Plan B(Beyond) could be your only real opportunity to get things right this Valentine’s Day and to show her that you’re grateful that she took up the slack on the homeschooling in Lockdown, queued for hours to get buy what was left in the supermarket and still delivered amazing meals or even worked herself to a standstill as a frontline keyworker.

Ethical fine jewellery brand, Kimjoux, understands how complex the Valentine’s jewellery shopping experience is – so they’ve developed a revolutionary new way to buy beautiful, meaningful pieces, where the inspiration and idea to buy is yours but the final decision is all down to her.

BBeyond shrinks the seemingly vast range of choice down to a more manageable selection that can be tweaked and personalised by the wearer before the final piece is made.

Working with Kimjoux founder, Trang Do, you can choose your ideas from a carefully curated selection, based on your answers to some key questions. Trang will then draw up a shortlist with ideas that can be presented on a card or created in silver. If she’s making the final decision, then disappointment is simply wiped off the agenda. Gemstones and settings are very personal to a wearer – get it right and she’ll wear it forever; get it wrong and it will lurk in a box in a drawer, raising the question of ’Does he really know who I am?’ as the drawer is slammed shut.

Winner of Professional Jeweller Magazines Collection of the Year 2020, Ethical Jewellery Category, the Kimjoux brand is led by founder, Trang Do. 

Trang is committed to transforming the jewellery purchasing experience and levelling the playing field. As a fine jewellery expert, Trang has been disappointed once too often herself; it’s her experience at getting ‘nearly right’ gifts that has driven her to create BBeyond.

Founder of Kimjoux, Trang Do commented,

Valentine’s Day 2021 is the perfect opportunity to thank your loved one for the unwavering love that they’ve shown you over the past year – but it is also more critical than ever to get it absolutely right. Choosing the gift alone is a recipe for disaster; why not bring the experts in at the right time – we’ll help you make a shortlist and your wearer can make the final selection. With the shopping experience set to be curtailed by pandemic restrictions, the BBeyond Valentine Service lets you shop the entire Kimjoux range from home. It is a fun and romantic way to make an important purchase – it’s the only way to get your purchase exactly right.

Trang Do will be on hand to help you understand the options and make suggestions about what the wearer might like, so that when you present your ideas the special woman in your life, she’ll be delighted and dazzled that you’ve done so well – but haven’t committed to the final decision. 

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