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NAJ takes steps to protect staff team, members and visitors

17 Mar 2020

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Image: An image which will be increasingly common across the UK; a quieter office with more staff working from home. 

NAJ has been monitoring the development of the COVID-19 situation in the UK and around the world. We recognise that our staff and members are placed at slightly higher risk due to the degree of contact with the wider public, coupled for some with international travel.

Following the Government’s announcement that the UK was entering the second stage of its response to COVID-19 (delay not containment), the senior leadership team at NAJ have agreed the following actions:

  • Staff will not be expected to travel to events outside of the NAJ office, and we will support their decision if they choose not to
  • Where staff are able to work from home, we will enable them to do so 
  • We will be particularly sensitive to the needs of staff who have immediate family members who are particularly vulnerable. Staff will be encouraged to follow the advice of Public Health England if they develop symptoms of COVID-19
  • The NAJ office is closed to visitors, and will be minimally staffed for the foreseeable future. 

Simon Forrester, Chief Executive said, 

"While working to share updates and advice with members, our office based team are now, in the majority, working from home. Furthermore,  there is no expectation for travel to external meetings which we will be moving to digital formats.  All phone lines continue to be active as do email communications so if members are looking for support we are still very much able to respond to enquiries, and look forward to doing so."

We have limited access to the NAJ office to staff only, cancelling any events due to be held with external organisations. We will endeavour to facilitate meetings normally held at NAJ by video conferencing. Committee and other NAJ meetings will also be conducted by video conference, where possible.

Please note

In order for any enquiries to be handled in most efficient manner, written correspondence should be via email as access to post may be limited and cause delay in response. 



Source: The NAJ