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First speakers announced for digital NAJ Live ‘with bubbles’

07 Jul 2020

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The NAJ has now revealed plans on how it plans to continue with its successful lockdown webinars and coffee breaks through a revised monthly ‘NAJ Live’ format.

Sarah Duncan from Chiswick Auctions who previously presented one of the most popular ‘lockdown’ seminars on ‘Sentimental Jewellery’ is announced as a keynote speaker alongside Alex Kettler, Head of Media at Richard Winterton Auctioneers for the very first digital NAJ Live. 

The digital NAJ Live format will include three webinar presentations, with Helen Dimmick NAJ Retail Ambassador hosting proceedings. After the webinar sessions have closed, attendees will then have the opportunity to join one of three ‘bubbles’ to talk to other members around a specific subject, in a more informal setting likened to the coffee break calls that take place every Wednesday morning.

Starting at 10am on Thursday 30th of July, Helen will start proceedings and provide insight into how the industry is dealing with the effects of COVID-19 as well as reminding attendees of the Association's activities to date.

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10.00 Welcome, Helen Dimmick, NAJ Retail Ambassador

Bringing you up to date on where the jewellery community is at this moment in time, what reports are in from retailers and also some of the activities that are in progress will appear in this welcome from Helen, a popular figure who has certainly been busy during the last 3 months.

10:15 The Ultimate Sentiment; the engagement ring, Sarah Duncan

The concept of marriage may go back millenniums, but the idea of a diamond engagement ring is decidedly modern. This talk will discuss how diamonds became ‘a girl’s best friend’, how trends in engagement rings have evolved and how modern couples are throwing out the ‘rule book’ only to accidentally embrace age-old traditions.

Sarah Duncan of Chiswick Auctions boasts extensive experience in the jewellery industry having led the Jewellery department for over three years. Prior to that, she spent six years working in the jewellery department at Bonhams. Sarah has personally handled several high-profile collections and was directly responsible for consigning the top jewellery lot ever sold in house.

11.00 ‘Member Marketplace’ benefit in focus; Richard Winterton Auctions, Alex Kettler

NAJ recently has launched the Member Marketplace where additional incentives are published that members in the industry offer to other NAJ Members. One such Member Marketplace incentive is 45% off commission from the final hammer price, provided by Richard Winterton Auctioneers. The Winterton family name has been synonymous with auctioneering in Staffordshire since 1864 and has recently joined the Association. In addition to the incentive, Richard Winterton Auctioneers also offer Members and Fellows of the IRV a complimentary advice service for pre-sale estimates and likely open market values.

11.30 What you didn’t know about Cufflinks, Jenny Knott

The history and social significance of cufflinks is a lot more sentimental than you might think. Starting off with some of the earliest (17th century) cufflinks Jenny Knott, a former Bonham’s and Holloway’s consultant, will talk about how they came into being, how they evolved, following jewellery trends of the time. Then, bringing you through time via ‘the heyday of cufflinks’ (early 20th Century) the talk will then move to how cufflinks are so relevant in today’s more casual world.

12.00 Comfort break

12.15 Themed 'Bubbles' (links will be posted on the webinar platform).

  • Bubble 1: Sentimental Jewellery with Sarah Duncan and Lindsey Straughton, NAJ Ambassador.
  • Bubble 2: Get the most out of your Member Marketplace with Richard Winterton and Garry Lane, NAJ Partnerships Manager
  • Bubble 3: Consumer confidence with Helen Dimmick, NAJ Retail Ambassador and Scott Williams, Head of Membership

The NAJ Live is for members only, but a limited number of guest passes are available for non-members to apply for on registration.

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Source: The National Association of Jewellers