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Speakers announced for February's Valuers' Virtual Conference

22 Jan 2021

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The second Valuers' Virtual Conference will feature talks from popular speakers Julia Griffith, Steve Jordan and Patricia Law, at the event open to the entire jewellery sector.

Taking place on Thursday 18th February, the second Valuers’ Virtual Conference will feature talks from renowned valuation professionals Julia Griffith, Steve Jordan and Patricia Law.


On publishing the speaker line up, Barry Sullivan Chair of the IRV said,

“After the success of the first virtual event, we’re excited to be following it up with this half day format.  To hear from knowledgeable experts on these topics will be as interesting as it will be useful, I’m sure.”

The event which will also feature updates from the Institute and opportunities for networking is open to members of the IRV, NAJ and wider jewellery community.

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1. Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG

False readings; Colourless HPHT laboratory-grown diamonds that are semi-conductors of electricity

Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG is an enthusiastic educator within in the gem industry who specialises on niche topics. Well-researched and often with a practical element on how the information can help you - listeners will find her talks useful as well as entertaining. Julia has recently launched her own interactive online gemmology school; The Gem Academy, and has recently launched her first course; The ultimate online course on laboratory-grown diamonds, which is being very well received by student and graduate gemmologists for its in-depth information, engaging lessons and easy-to-use platform. The course is on-track to be accredited by The CPD Certification Service in February 2021.

Many near-colourless HPHT laboratory grown diamonds are semi-conductors of electricity. This means they will test as "synthetic moissanites" on electrical probes and multi-diamond testers. Despite the high risk of misidentification - this fact is widely unknown by the professionals in our industry. Find out about what caused this property, how prevalent it is, and tips for identification in this talk by Julia Griffith FGA DGA EG.


2. Patricia Law FIRV

Exceptional Jewellery Designers of the 20th Century

Concentrating on three designers who developed their own distinctive styles and whose works rarely needed a signature, Patricia will examine the exceptional collections that went on to international acclaim through the 1900’s.

Patricia, a registered valuer and consultant spent 30 years working for auction houses across the UK, before establishing her own business in 2015. A popular speaker, Patricia's insight and approach to share her experiences is not to be missed! 


3. Steve Jordan

Buried Treasure; Livery, College and Ecclesiastical Cups & Chalices

Focussing on a single type of vessel, Steve will talk help jewellery professionals understand more about Livery, college and Ecclesiastical cups and chalices.

An expert in silver collections and civic regalia, Steve is a Fellow of the Institute of Registered Valuers and based in London delivers valuation services for a number of clients in the capital.

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Source: The National Association of Jewellers