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Statement from the NAJ President and NAJ Chair on behalf of the Association

26 Jun 2020

A statement

Today (Friday 26th June), the President of the Association, Mr David Doyle and the Chair of the Association, Mr Gary Wroe have issued a statement.

The following statement has been made on behalf of the Association.

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The recent events, well publicised in the media, surrounding the wholly unjustifiable and senseless killing of George Floyd has rightly caused organisations around the World to pause and take a good hard look at themselves with regards to diversity within their organisations and their industries as a whole.

The National Association of Jewellers’ is determined to work with its partners within our Industry to eradicate any form of racism, and all other forms of discrimination. This recent landmark moment has rightly reinforced the urgent need for the jewellery trade and others to ensure that we offer a truly multicultural environment for all to thrive and where success is achieved by ones efforts and no-one is held back by their colour, race, creed, or any other form of discrimination.

The jewellery trade as a whole has not historically asked for and kept information on ethnicity and diversity in our Industry and so data is patchy and unreliable. It will be necessary for us at the NAJ in conjunction with our partners to research this area. The jewellery trade has made huge strides forward in terms of gender in the workplace over the recent past though and the jewellery trade is equally committed to ensuring that we follow through on the issue of diversity too.

The truth is that we as a Jewellery Trade are here, in year 2020, not knowing objectively the true level of racial diversity in the UK jewellery industry and frankly this is unsatisfactory and unacceptable. We must carry out research in this area to not just look at demographics but also to ask the difficult questions that really matter so that we can learn and then take constructive action. We have started the process and are engaging behind the scenes in regards to this. Once this is completed we will work to help disseminate the information to the wider Trade so that we can all learn.

The NAJ membership is built upon the NAJ code of conduct championing the values of Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism, and whilst we cannot re-write history, or rewind historic harm that has been done across our industry, we can certainly influence the here and now, and set the path for the future.

The NAJ represents circa 2,000 companies and 26,000 people and short termism is not appropriate on important issues like this. We wish to see change in this area - radical change. Now the Industry is focused we will do what needs to be done to address this issue for the long term.

We as an Association have a lot to learn and we believe once informed that we can help to make the changes needed and be a significant part of the process for the future.


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