Data Protection Policy

As part of your membership of the National Association of Jewellers we will retain your details for the purpose of sending you information by post, telephone or email about NAJ services and membership benefits. Unless you advise us that you do not wish them to be released, we may also supply your details in response to enquiries, in accordance with our key role of promoting members’ services and products, and we may list your details on the NAJ website. We may also disclose your details to third parties who have agreements with the NAJ for the delivery of membership services and benefits. The NAJ and the third parties may contact you by telephone, fax, mail or email. NAJ undertakes not to sell your details for any purpose. If you do not wish your details to be used in accordance with this policy, please advise the NAJ office on 0121 237 1110

Declaration to the NAJ National Committee

  • I/We hereby apply to be admitted as a member of the National Association of Jewellers of Great Britain and Ireland, subject to the memorandum and articles and byelaws of the British Allied Trades Federation.
  • I/We approve and promise to observe the conditions of membership, bye laws and code of conduct as laid down by the Association and as from time to time amended.
  • I/We fully understand that should my/our membership cease for whatever reason(s), I/we will no longer display or use any emblem and title of the association or imply in any way membership of, or approval by, the Association.
  • We understand that if I/we wish to resign from membership, I will have to give the NAJ three months’ notice. The NAJ reserves the right to collect the pro-rata subscription rate within the three month notice period.
  • I/We understand that if a complaint is made by any consumer or business against my organisation, this may be investigated by the NAJ compliance officer. The NAJ reserves the right to suspend my membership.
  • I/We agree that whilst a member we will pay the subscription for membership as from time to time decided by the National Committee.
  • I/We understand that if any information given in this application form is found to be incorrect after membership has been granted, after due consideration by the Association and in its own absolute discretion, the National Committee may decide that the applicant’s membership shall cease forthwith, or that it may not be renewed after the current membership period has ended.
  • I/We understand that the Association may consult local branches (formally N.A.G) or centres, affiliated associations, banks, credit reference agencies or other sources to establish suitability for membership and give any necessary authority to do so.
  • I/We understand that if this membership application is turned down or deferred, the Association will not normally give the reason.

Note: it is a requirement of membership of the Association that you disclose all criminal convictions (apart from spent convictions) including those of persons involved in the management or control of your business (‘connected persons’). If you are aware that you or any connected persons are or have been the subject of a police investigation, then you must also disclose this, even if this does or did not lead to you or such connected persons being prosecuted. If you or any connected persons commit or are found to have committed an act of fraud or dishonesty (whether or not giving rise to legal proceedings), are convicted of a criminal offence or fail to disclose a criminal offence to the NAJ, then your application for membership may be refused or your membership may be terminated with immediate effect.

Use of Personal Information

By signing this declaration, I confirm that the information supplied by me in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and I give my consent to British Allied Trades Federation Ltd (BATF) trading as the National Association of Jewellers to verify this information by whatever means deemed necessary. I consent to BATF searching information held by a credit reference agency and I understand that this search will be recorded and information relevant to this risk assessment will be recorded on my membership application file. I agree that information supplied by me will be held in accordance with the Data Protection act 1998 and understand that I have the right to request a copy of all information held about me subject to an administration fee.