JET - Professional Jewellers' Business Development

From cash flow to marketing communications, this course will help you to develop a business whether it be a brand new business or one where increased productivity is needed.

The course includes a learning guide and is presented in six modules, divided into 12 units

There are six modules in the programme and it is fully flexible. Students can either sign up for one or more specific modules or enroll for the Diploma (taking all six modules)


Market Awareness

  • The market environment, market strategy, positioning, business development process, competitive analysis. 
  • Benefit: Understand the jewellery sector, be confident in positioning your business for growth and be the one who determines the business's future.

Managing Financial Variables

  • The key variables, making a true profit and return, cash flow management, assessing a businesses' worth
  • Benefit: Make sure you get the best return on your hard work and investments through understanding how all financial variables can work together

Customer Management

  • Customers and their behaviour, product knowledge, selling professionally, customer service processes
  • Benefit: Be able to manage comprehensive customer relationships and behaviour in a multiple of ways to realise the mutual benefits of each customer to your business

Maximising a Team's Potential

  • Employing the right people, performance measurement, individual's measurement, staff communications and managing upwards
  • Benefit: A content, stable and productive team who deliver equally to the customer and business

Professional Operations Management

  • Shop routines, merchandising and display, stock management, developing and maintaining competitive edge
  • Benefit: A smooth and professional operation which minimises cost and friction and focuses on profit and return

Promoting your Business

  • Constructing a communications strategy, balancing internal and external communications and utilizing internet retailing and supporting media
  • Benefit: Ensuring you are in tune with what your customers need to know and how they want to receive information from you whilst optimising the promotional spend

A certificate is awarded to those who successfully complete one or more modules to a satisfactory standard. The Professional Jewellers' Business Development Diploma is awarded to those who successfully complete the diploma programme (completing all six modules and assignments). Diploma graduates will be entitled to use the initials P.J. Biz. Dip. after their name. In order to use these initials, graduates must apply for Alumni status (fee applies)


Having come into the industry with next to no knowledge, and working for a successful independent retail and manufacturing jewellers, the JET courses were a fantastic way for me to learn more about the jewellery trade both while at work and in my own time. JET Business Development appealed as a natural progression for me – having started as ‘the Saturday girl’, then studying the JET Certificate and JET Diploma courses, during which time I was promoted to manager, this course was the next step in learning more about every angle of the business

Sarah Macleod, Colin Campbell, Inverness


Malcolm Jones