JET - Professional Jewellers' Certificate

Known as the industry's 'driving licence'. This online course is essential for those new to the industry or those who would like to improve their jewellery product knowledge. 

Students have their own online learning environment to submit assignments and manage their studies from anywhere with an internet connection and a web browser. Each student is allocated an expert tutor to provide personal support and guidance for the duration of the course

JET Certificate contains the following modules



  • The different types of jewellery worn and the correct terminology
  • Recognising ring types and shapes
  • Understanding how to match the product with the customer


  • The four Cs
  • understanding how to communicate the significance and mystery of diamonds to the customer

Coloured Gemstones

  • How to recognise coloured gemstones and the factors that identify them
  • Gem-set jewellery: how to find the perfect gemstone for your customer

Gold Platinum, Palladium and Silver

  • How to recognise precious metals
  • Understanding how alloys can affect their working qualities, colours and values


  • Hallmark legislation and the significance of hallmarks
  • Hallmark identification and using Bradbury’s Book of Hallmarks


  • Appreciating design and the work of jewellery designers


  • Understanding the differences between hand-made and mass produced jewellery
  • Understanding manufacturing techniques

Silverware and Gifts

  • Understanding what falls within the category of silverware and gifts

Watches and Clocks

  • The history and development of the timepiece
  • The basics of how the different movements work

Personal Development, Selling and Customer Care

  • Excelling in customer care and developing an awareness of customer buying motives
  • Turning complaints into a positive experience
  • Upselling, link selling and winning repeat business
  • How to create the right impression, accumulate knowledge and improve team-working skills to help you develop your career
Study Pack
  • Comprehensive online course notes
  • 'Bradbury's Book of Hallmarks'
  • 'Gemstones' by Cally Hall
  • 'Diamonds' by Marijan Dundek
  • A 10x jeweller's loupe
Bransom Award Winners

Every month, leading retail Jewellery software supplier Bransom recognises the individual who has 'the best' JET Certificate project of the month. Course tutors put forward nominations and a winner is chosen by an external moderator. The individual receives a certificate,  recognition in the Jeweller and is invited to the NAJ Education Awards. 

I'm a sales advisor, so taking JET has helped improve the service I can offer my customers. When I began at F Hinds, my product knowledge was very limited. I was particularly intimidated when it came to selling the more sporty, technical watch styles. JET further helped to expand my knowledge of their mechanics and history, all very interesting. So, I’ve replaced the fear with a new-found love and fascination for watches. I’m now known for fuelling both passion and commitment into my window.

When first pushed to do JET, I was a little hesitant, doubting whether I had the skills to succeed. When I began my first assignment I admit that I felt somewhat daunted and inadequate. However, my tutor was incredibly supportive and gave me lots of positive feedback, which helped to build my confidence. This, in turn, helped me begin to really enjoy my studies. The NAJ training website and the reading materials were all very useful research tools.

I cannot begin to describe how thrilled I am! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to take this course, and so grateful for all the support and encouragement I received from those around me.

Fern Lockley, F Hinds



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