JET - Professional Jewellers' Diploma

This online course builds on knowledge gained from the JET Certificate, taking skills and professionalism to the next level.

Core modules

History of Jewellery

  • Development of jewellery design through the ages
  • Key uses and characteristics of jewellery in different time periods
  • Beliefs about the properties of jewellery and gem stones

Gold, Platinum, Palladium and Silver

  • Physical and optical properties of precious metals
  • History of discovery and production of precious metals
  • Purpose and impact of the fairtrade gold standard
  • Strengths and limitations of the precious metals for jewellery design and manufacture


  • Factors that affect a diamond’s value
  • Optical and physical properties of a diamond
  • Development of the diamond cut
  • Ethical sourcing of diamonds


  • Mineral and organic gemstones
  • Key features of each main gemstone family
  • Optical and physical properties of gemstones
  • Factors that affect a gemstone’s value
  • Commonly accepted coloured gemstone treatment


  • The UK hallmarking system
  • Modern assaying and hallmarking techniques
  • Different hallmarks
  • What hallmarks can tell us about an item
  • Current hallmarking conventions and exemptions

Better Business

  • The importance of doing better business
  • Key organisations and initiatives that support better business in the jewellery industry
Optional Modules


  • Design inspirations and design approaches of different designers
  • Develop initial design, manufacture and business plans for a range of jewellery
  • The `bespoke jewellery’ design process
  • The role of `CAD-CAM’ in jewellery design


  • Historical developments in the Swiss watch industry
  • Different watch types and features
  • Common watch repairs

Synthetic Diamonds, Diamond Treatments and Simulants

  • Advantages and disadvantages of synthetic diamonds
  • Rules of disclosure for synthetic diamonds
  • Distinguishing features of diamonds and diamond simulants
  • Diamond treatments 

Services and Repairs

  • Taking in and returning watches and jewellery following repair
  • Preparing notes and repair instructions for a range of jewellery items and watches


  • Setting up an in-house valuation service
  • Maximising sales from a valuation service
  • Understanding why a valuation might be required
  • Different types of valuation

Store Design and Display

  • Types of store and display lighting
  • Using design and display features to help promote the store's its unique selling point
  • Putting a display together
  • Components of effective display design
  • Key factors for an eye-catching display


  • The law as applied to the retail jewellery industry
  • Precautions required to guard against the possibility of handling stolen goods
  • The law as applied to jewellery repair and alteration
  • Security checks for high value cash payments
  • Consumer rights when purchasing jewellery 


  • The history of pawnbroking
  • Jewellery as a prime pledge
  • Jewellery identification skills
  • Taking in a pawn and agreeing a loan
  • What happens to the pawn when a loan is not paid off

Jewellery Manufacturing

  • Formative, subtractive and additive manufacturing
  • The lost-wax casting method
  • Designing and creating the casting model
  • Manufacturing different types of jewellery items


  • The history of silverware
  • Silversmithing techniques


  • Security checks required for credit card payments
  • Personal safety guidelines in the event of an armed robbery
  • Security rules to protect staff and product on the shop floor
Entry Requirements

Two years’ full-time work experience in the jewellery industry, or three years part-time; at least 5 GCSEs or 'O' Levels (or equivalent international qualifications).  


Professional Jewellers’ Diploma. Graduates applying for alumni status* may use the initials P.J. Dip. after their name. *Additional fee applies

We know that our customers value our highly trained and expert teams and the qualification gives them added confidence that they are dealing with trained professionals. We will continue to promote JET Certificate and Diploma to all of our colleagues.

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