Diamond Foundation Course

Give your staff the confidence they need to sell diamonds with...

The Diamond Foundation Course from IIDGR

Jewellery retailers need little convincing of the importance of staff training – expert knowledge is needed to sell jewellery to an increasingly informed and discerning consumer.

The IIDGR Diamond Foundation Course is unique in its approach to helping retail staff sell the diamond dream as it is the only online course that covers the entire diamond supply chain – the informative modules expertly takes the student from the mine to the finger.

Eight modules with approximately 37 hours of learning, cover:

  • Diamond Growth and Properties
  • Journey to the Surface and Diamond Exploration
  • Diamond Mining
  • Rough Diamond Sorting, Pricing and Selling
  • Diamond Cutting and Polishing
  • Polished Diamonds – the 4cs
  • Jewellery Design, Marketing and Selling
  • Simulants, Synthetic Diamonds and Treatments

So, what are the benefits of IIDGR’s Diamond Foundation Course?

  • Online training means that the course can be easily accessed either at the work place or the home – in fact anywhere where there is an internet signal.
  • Retail staff will acquire new knowledge, selling confidence and skills leading to:
  • Greater confidence and enjoyment in selling diamond jewellery, with a positive impact on increased retail team performance and motivation
  • Creating new ideas for your business
  • Improvement to your bottom line through increased sales, customer service, improved upselling skills and staff retention
  • Adding value to the customer experience through dealing with well informed and trained retail staff

The NAJ has teamed up with the IIDGR to offer NAJ members a substantial discount of $100 on the usual retail price of this course. The member price of this course is $150.

To obtain the discount code, please email the Education Department, and proceed to register below.

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