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The Jewellery App

15 Apr 2019


Now with over 700 members, the relaunched B2B marketplace, The Jewellery App is not only going from strength to strength but has now been joined by a ground-breaking Business-to-Consumer site.

“This new trade initiative has been created to help support independent retailers… and in turn the High Street”, says CEO and founder Daren Daniels. “Research is indicating that consumers who shop online are not buying from stand-alone stores but from marketplaces; half of all global e-commerce is now via these multi-seller platforms.”

Bringing the trade together to meet consumer buying trends, the aim of the B2C Jewellery App is to drive consumer spending to retailers. And, as with the B2B site, the emphasis will not just be on sales of jewellery and watches, but will also provide an opportunity to promote traditional retail services, with consumers directed to their local jeweller.

To make localised searches easy for consumers, each seller will have a Google Map and icon, giving directions to their store. In addition, a Click & Collect process, as well as loyalty and gift cards, are being developed. As free accounts, sellers pay only when items are sold and with ‘Stripe’ accounts there is no delay on payments.

Meanwhile, the B2B site has been relaunched with some great new features. “With trade shows declining over the years it’s never been more important to have a jewellery trade business-to-business platform,” says Daniels. “The new features fall in line with the overall business objectives in addressing the needs of a modern buyer and industry.” 

The Jewellery App’s B2B platform is now split into four marketplaces: Retail, Supplier, New UK Supplier & Service and Business. As well as UK suppliers, the site is now inviting international suppliers to register products and services and new UK suppliers can advertise to be featured in the new section, as well as promote offers and deals. There is also the opportunity for buyers and sellers to leave reviews – a help to everyone.

Download the App!

There are three apps for the consumer site – Android, IOS and the new Web App (B2B is Web App only), which uses the latest technology of apps so you don’t need to visit an app store and it has all the functionality of the website. To see how to download Web apps visit:

As we go to press over 130 retailers have signed up to the consumer-facing Jewellery App. “The more retailers there are, the more benefit to potential customers; they have more choice,” adds Daniels, who is currently working on consumer marketing. “The industry has an opportunity to be part of the growing consumer trend towards marketplace shopping… and it has to happen fast.”

If you would like to sell to the consumer sign up at:

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